Dictionary of Golf Terms

Back Door When a ball is holed by going around the lip of the cup and dropping in from the back end.
Back Nine The last nine holes of an 18 hole course.
Back Side The last 8 holes of an 18 hole course.
Backspin Reverse spin applied to the ball and prevents it from bouncing forward after landing; same as Bite.
Backswing When the golfer takes the club away from the addressed ball, continues until the club is moved back towards to ball.
Baffy Another name for a 4 wood.
Ball Golf Balls, go to A History of the Golf Ball.
Ball in Play The ball is on play once the player starts his downswing on the teeing area. It continues to be so until holed out, lost, out of bounds or lifted.
Ball Mark The mark left by the ball when it pitches on the fairway or green.
Ball Marker Any small object used to mark a ball's position on the green prior to it being picked up.
Ball Retriever An extendable device used to retrieve balls mainly from the water and other inaccessible areas.
Ball Roundness Gauge An instrument used to measure how spherical a ball is.
Ball Washer An instrument used to clean golf balls.
Banana Ball Slicing the ball such that it curves off to the side in a banana shaped trajectory.
Barkie When the ball hits any part of a tree and the golfer still completes the hole with a par.
Beach A sand bunker.
Bermuda Species of coarse grass used in hot climates.
Best Ball A competition where two or more players form a team. The best net score per team on each hole is recorded on the scorecard.
Best Shot A team competition where each member of the team plays a shot, the best placed ball is then chosen and all other players of the same team play their next shot from that position.
Birdie One under par for the hole.
Bite Reverse spin applied to the ball and prevents it from bouncing forward after landing; same as Backspin.
Blade When the upper part of the ball is struck by the edge of the club face causing it to hug the ground in flight.
Blade Shot To strike the ball above it's centre causing it to skip and bounce along the ground rather than rise through the air.
Blast The material carried with the ball when it is hit out of a sand bunker.
Blind Hole When the golfer cannot see the green when having to play an approach shot.
Block Shot When a player strikes the ball late in their swing (usually caused by turning to quickly during the swing). The ball travels outside of the target.
Bogey One over par for the hole.
Bogey Golfer A player who has a handicap is the about the same as the number holes on a course (18 to 22).
Brassie Another name for a 2 wood.
Break The path a putt must follow over a contour in the green in order to go in the hole.
Buggy Powered cart used to transport golfer and equipment around the course.
Bunker A hazard filled by sand or grass that is placed where a fairway shot may end (by a green or driving distance from the tee). You are not allowed to practice swing or ground your club in a bunker.

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