Dictionary of Golf Terms

Face That part of the club head which comes into direct contact with the ball.
Fade To induce backspin onto the ball causing it to travel through the air following inside to out swing. Opposite is Draw.
Fairway The playing area between the tee and the green, does not include hazards.
Fairway Hit Landing and stopping the ball on the fairway from the tee on holes greater than par 3.
Fat Shot When the club strikes the ground well behind the ball.
Featherie Early golf balls with a core of compressed feathers inside a leather outer.
Field The players in a tournament.
Flag Events A player carries their flag until their net score has fallen behind the course using the hole stroke indexes.
Flagstick The pole in the centre of the green with a flag attached.
Flange The base of a club, the part that rests on the ground.
Flex The degree that a club's shaft bends upon impact with the ball.
Flex Point That part of a club's shaft which bends the most.
Flier When a ball travels further than expected when using a given club, sometimes happens when playing from the rough or off a slope.
Flight A ball is in flight when travelling through the air.
Follow-Through That part of a golfer's swing after the ball has been struck.
Fore To cry "Fore" is to warn other players that your ball may hit them.
Forecaddie One who directs golfers to their balls during competition.
Forged A club where the head is made from one piece of light alloy/metal. A forged club gives a golfer more feeling when striking the ball.
Four Ball Where two pairs of golfers play in matchplay against each other.
Foursome A group of four golfers playing only two balls. A pair of the players form a team and player alternate shots.The match can be scored as match play, stroke play or as a stapleford.
Fried Egg When a ball remains in its own pitch mark when landing in a bunker.
Fringe The short fringe surrounding the green which isolates it from the fairway.
Frog Hair The short fringe surrounding the green which isolates it from the fairway.
Front Nine The first nine holes of an 18 hole course.

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