Dictionary of Golf Terms

Gallery Spectators at a tournament or match.
Get Down To putt the ball into the hole.
Get Legs A term used by golfers to encourge the ball to roll when they suspect it may stop short.
GHIN Golf Handicap Information Network.
Gimmie When an opponent decides that it is not necessary to play the next shot, normally because you are close to the hole.
Go to School To study the travel of a previous putt to 'read' the green.
Golf Association An organisation recognised by the R&A that runs events and promotes golf within a region.
Gorilla Someone who hits their tee shot a long way.
Grain The angle at which the grass on the green lies. Playing against it or with it affects the speed of the ball when putting.
Graphite Carbon based material used to make shafts and clubheads.
Grasscutter A shot which travels low and fast just skimming the grass.
Green The area of short grass surrounding the hole where the ball is hit using a putter.
Green Fee The charge levied to play the course.
Green in Regulation The number of shots you are expected to play before getting your ball onto the green. Always two shots less than the par of the hole.
Green Jacket The mantle of honour given to the winner of the US Masters.
Greenie The getting of a par or better at a hole when the ball is got onto the green in regulation.
Grip The part of the club which the golfer holds, typically made from leather, cord, rubber or a mixture of the three.
Groove The indentations cut into the club face which cause the ball to spin. The description given to a good repeated swing.
Gross score Your score over 18 holes before you reduce it by taking your handicap away.
Ground Under Repair Areas of the course under repair. Balls may be removed from them without penalty.
Grounding the Club To place the club on the ground prior to striking the ball when addressing it.
Gutta Percha Rubbery material used to make golf balls after 1848.
Guttie A golf ball made of gutta percha which rendered Featheries obsolete.

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