Dictionary of Golf Terms

Lag When a golfer attempts to putt the ball near to the hole not caring whether it goes in or not.
Lateral Water Hazard A water hazard which runs parallel to the fairway.
Layout The design of the course.
Lie The position of the ball at rest.
Line The intended trajectory of the golf ball.
Line of Play The intended travel of the ball after it has been struck.
Line of Putt The intended travel of the ball after it has been struck on the green.
Links Golf course within 4 miles of the coast.
Lip The edge of the hole.
Lob Shot A shot where the flies to maximum height and minimal distance, normally used to hit the ball from close range when trying to avoid an obstacle.
Local Rules Additional rules pertaining to a given course.
Loft The angle of the clubface in relation to the ground which dictates the trajectory of the ball as it rises in the air. 0 degrees loft is perpendicular to the ground.
Long Game That part of a golfer's game which involves hitting the ball over 180 yards.
Loose Impediments Natural objects on the course which are not fixed into place such as stones.
Lost Ball Any ball which cannot be located once struck.
LPGA Ladies Professional Golfer's Association.

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