Addington Golf Club
Shirley Church Road,
Croydon, Surrey CR0 5AB
Tel : +44 (0)20 87771055

East Croydon 5 km

Course Details

Course Name: Addington Holes: 18 Yardage: 6242 SSS: 71

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  • RE: RE: Golf coach

    wrote on: Jun 3, 2004

    I am a good young player i need a coach. I have 1 sevaral under 13 championships but im 12. Reply coaches if u need pupil, look forward 2 hearing from u and i am from England and i ofen attened Addington golf course. From Marc Weston.


  • RE: Golf coach

    wrote on: Jun 3, 2004

    i need a coach i can beet people that have been plzying 4 4 years and ive only been plzying 1 year. I am 12 form Carshalton always go to addington golf course. what are u prices for a coach,
    Plz reply from Marc


  • Golf coach

    Hattingh de Villiers wrote on: May 29, 2004

    Good day.
    I am Hattingh de Villiers and i'm from South-Africa.
    I'm 19 years old and give golf lessons to 40 people dayly! I'm a highly trained golf coach,my handicap is +2. I can teach any person the ABC of golf. If you have the need of an coach


  • Europe Golf courses reviews David Bundy 5/02

    David Bundy wrote on: Apr 30, 2002

    I am so glad I played the addington what a great course it tests every part of your game and shows you that a course does not have to be 7200 yards long to be a challenge . the secretary & his staff were friendly and accomodating , when I return to the UK next spring this course will first on my list to play


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Peter Hanrott 2/01

    Peter Hanrott wrote on: Jan 31, 2001

    I played a match at Addington in one of these corporate challenge type events. I'd never seen or heard of the place before and could find no-one else who'd played there. That a treat the place is. The only critisism I had on the day we went round was the length of the rough on what might be called the'club house' section of the course. Miss the fairway by a foot and it was time to re-load. This was a little unfair. No-one minds being punished for missing a fairway but a lost ball 3 yards off the mown surface is a little draconian.
    After a weak opening par 3 the course comes alive. the 2nd is a long par 4 up the hill and is virtually out of range in regulation for all but the longest hitters. After the second you enter the woods. The hole that stands out ins the 3rd. By no means a long hole but your tee shot down a hill has to be pinpoint accurate or you'll have no shot to the green. Once in position the apporach to the green is back up the hill to a green guarded by over-hanging trees, a huge ravine to the right and OB to the left, however you won't be hitting more than a wedge so most of the problems are in your mind!
    The course continues to present a range of different challenges and doesn't serve up birdies easily. Off the white tees its very long. The other event that stands out is the fox who steels your ball on the Par 3 15th or was it 14th? anyway, out of 6 or us the fox made of with 4 of our balls, including mine which I'd hit onto the middle of the green!
    Overall, I'd rate this one of the best Parkland couses I've played.


      • RE: Europe Golf courses reviews Peter Hanrott 2/01

        phil kidby wrote on: Nov 27, 2006

        This review is of Addington Palace and not The Addington Golf Club.
        However Peter`s description of the first at the Palace needs explaining, I was a member there in 1987 when the October storm ripped its path through the course, unfortunately taking down many trees which were over a hundred years old, these trees lined left of the first hole and made it a very difficult opener and not weak at all, it also made it necessary to take on the bunker that lay in wait on the right hand side. Thankfully I remeber it as it was meant to be.


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