Auchenharvie Golf Club
Moor Park Road, West Brewery Park,
Saltcoats, Strathclyde KA2O 1HU
Tel : +44 (0)1294 469361

Low road between Saltcoats and Stevenston

Further Information
Public course with driving range.

Course Details

Course Name: Auchenharvie Holes: 9 Yardage: 5300 SSS: 66

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  • help

    allister wrote on: Jul 30, 2011

    does anyone know how mcuh the course is? reply asap


  • brilliant course

    stuart wrote on: Jun 10, 2007

    I just recently recieved a membership from harvies golf course and really recomend it to begginers and even pros the course is great fun and has its obstacles.


      • harvie golf course

        Stephen wrote on: Aug 24, 2009

        Hi there,
        My father was quite ill for a while there and his mobility is quite limited, he would like to play 9 holes at harvie course.
        Could you tell me if the ground is flat or is there hills on the course ?
        Thank You


          • RE: harvie golf course

            gary wrote on: Aug 24, 2009

            yes its very flat dont think theres a hill on it to tell the truth


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Alan Young 6/02

    Alan Young wrote on: May 31, 2002

    Since most of the other messages have been posted the golf course has had a serious overhaul and is now a well kept course. The staff are very friendly and give tips on improving your game. I would recommend this course to beginners and the experienced golfer.


      • RE: Europe Golf courses reviews Alan Young 6/02

        stuart wrote on: Jun 10, 2007

        the coure is one of the few courses that i play on regularly i jst recently recieved a membership from auchenharvie golf club and can't wait to play in tournamens.The staff are amazing and help whenever needed.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Steven Torney 11/98

    Steven Torney wrote on: Oct 31, 1998

    I am a member of Moorpark GC, based at Auchenharvie GC. I have a handicap of 5 and am currently the Club Champion. The course was oncenot in very good condition, however over the last 2 years extensive work has been taking place, turning the course from a mess into a decent golf course and challenge for golfers of all handicaps.


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