Boldmere Golf Club
Monmouth Drive,
Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands BJ3 67R
Tel : +44(0) 121 354 3379

Near Sutton Park, 1 km west of Sutton Coldfield

Further Information
Public course

Course Details

Course Name: Boldmere Holes: 18 Yardage: 4463 SSS: 62

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  • Boldmere Golf Course

    peter lewis wrote on: Aug 4, 2010

    Boldmere Golf Course near Sutton Coldfield is one the poorest and saddest excuses for a golf I have ever had the misfortune to play. The greens are so poorly looked after that they are full of water in places even in August and they are hacked to pieces. The course is so hard to follow that you will easily get lost, so make sure you've got a good guide as the map is close to useless. I will say that there is one good point about this course and that is to see the Geese on the green which have come off the large lake next to the course, but the only downfall to this is the excess amount of droppings which you have to walk though and play in. Also be aware of the dog foul on certain parts. Plus I recommend you take a good book as often you will have to wait to cross the greens to get to your next tee as the layout is very poor and I also recommend watching for flying balls because while I was playing a ball landed by my feet on more than one occasion.
    If you want to play a council course in the Erdington area, I strongly recommend playing at Pype Hayes instead which is a much nicer course. If you'd like to play a decent private course cheap, I recommend going to Widney Manor Golf Course in Solihull which is stunning.


  • joining and learning

    asif wrote on: Jun 3, 2010

    please advise me if you would kindly let me know procedure of joining.
    i do not play at present but would like to learn.
    also please let me know the costs and other facilities available
    many thanks


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Gerry Brown Hdcp 18 02/02

    Gerry Brown Hdcp 18 wrote on: Jan 31, 2002

    Great short course, well look after, greens well manicured, highlight of the round being 11/12/13th holes three par 3's that would test any golfers ability.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Michael Clark 01/02

    Michael Clark wrote on: Dec 31, 2001

    The second of these, the 10th, is long enough to require anything from a long iron to a driver, if the wind is against. The green has many severe slopes so getting on in one does not guarantee a par by any means. 11, 12 and 13 are in a small enclosure each
    presenting its own challenge but all three asking the player to take their best guess at the green as they are all blind shots. There is one par 5, the third, but after you have finished your round your score on the short holes will have so numbed your brain that an easy but long hole like this is easily forgotten. 14, 15 and 16 are all par 4's, which come as a relief.
    They all have generous fairways but are not to be taken lightly as there are some very well placed trees and bunkers to negotiate. 17 is an under-wedge being no more than 90 yds but beware the lake behind the green and the jungle rough both left and right of the putting surface. 18 is the final par 3 offering that runs alongside the lake on the right. It requires an accurate mid-iron to a green that slopes from back to front. The pro shop staff is helpful and courteous. Try it if you dare.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Chris Eden Hdcp 24 11/00

    Chris Eden Hdcp 24 wrote on: Oct 31, 2000

    A short but pleasant parkland layout, with good greens, and testing layout. An ideal course for practising the short game.