Clydebank Municipal Golf Club
Overtoun Road, Dalmuir,
Clydebank, Strathclyde G81 3RE
Tel : +44(0) 141 952 8698 Fax : +44(0) 141 952 6372

11 km west ol Glasgow

Further Information
Public course

Course Details

Course Name: Clydebank Municipal Holes: 18 Yardage: 5340 SSS: 66

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  • nice course

    ross craig wrote on: Oct 17, 2006

    i think the course is one of the best courses in the world. me and my mates have a great time on the course it is very demanding and has some difficult par 4's


      • RE: nice course

        Scott Stewart wrote on: Apr 9, 2009

        Hello Ross. I was just reading your comments on the Clydebank Muni course which you posted way back in '06. Can you tell me something. In 1982 I was living in Clydebank. We would go and play somewhere. What I remember is the wicked layout and the tube which determined the order of tee times in the morning. The tube was on the outside of a small building next the first tee I think. To get an early tee time one would go there the night before and drop a marked ball into the slanted tube. First ball had first tee time as soon as it was light enough to see.
        Could this be the same course?


          • Clydebank Municipal G.C. in Strathclyde , Scotland

            dave wrote on: May 8, 2009

            that was Dalmuir course they had a wee hut thing that you paid your money and the person inside dropped a ball in and you waited till your ball was ready to be lifted then you could take your clubs/mates to the first to only hook your first strike.
            nowadays it is in the golf pro shop you would pay, you can now phone to book a time


  • Clydebank Municipal golf club

    Garry Mck wrote on: Aug 10, 2006

    This is a great course one of the best ive played and its a public coarse. Not a long coarse but very demanding due to the lay out ,the 13th is one of the hardest to play not only golfing wise but stamina wise its about a 40ft rise from tee 2 pin so take a defib with you, also the 12th is a great par 3 only about 100yds but the tee is about 50ft above the pin and just over a lovely burn great hole! do check this place out.


  • Clydebank Municipal

    Stu Mac wrote on: Aug 8, 2006

    Make no mistake this is the best municiple golf course you will ever play. Not the longest course in the world but it is packed with fantastic interesting holes. That doesn't mean it is in any way easy, some of the holes are as hard as you will come across anywhere. The course condition is also tip top and goes from strength to strength each year. Get along!


  • RE: Europe Golf courses reviews Martin McManus 7/01

    wrote on: Jul 1, 2004

    A great course which is nicely manicured and an enjoyable place to play golf.
    Only downside I've found is people jumping on (which is being addressed by staff on the course now) and some of the tees being quite worn.
    Don't know how true this is, but I once heard that this is the most played municipal course in Europe!


  • Clydebank municipal

    Chris Dorman wrote on: May 6, 2004

    This course is absolutely world class, some mind boggling par 3,s and some tough par 4,s. The greens are kept in top conditions, hilly in areas and flat in others. a great balance which makes this the best municipal course in the uk


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Garry Mclaren 02/02

    Garry Mclaren wrote on: Jan 31, 2002

    I have been playing this course for years and I never get fed up with it. It is both physically demanding and straight hitting demanding on most holes. The character of the course is second to none.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Martin McManus 7/01

    Martin McManus wrote on: Jun 30, 2001

    A very well maintained municipal course which has several challenging holes. The layout of the course is particularly good but there are no par fives, all but eliminating any eagle opportunities. However, there are two long uphill par fours that most amateurs would struggle to make par from. On the other hand there is numerous birdie chances at several of the teasing par threes especially The wee drap (12), The Gully (14) and Hill 60 (15). Overall, an enjoyable course which is both demanding and at times rewarding.


      • RE: Europe Golf courses reviews Martin McManus 7/01

        James Dale wrote on: Nov 2, 2009

        regarding the dalmuir course Iam surprised that no one mentioned the course designer James Braid,or the par three third.I amtalking about the nineteen fifties when there was only one tee and it was up by the path which ran through the golf course. Of course it may have been re-designed or re-configurated since then but at that time I considered it one of the best par threes ever


          • RE: RE: Europe Golf courses reviews Martin McManus 7/01

            golfnut wrote on: May 20, 2010

            great course all 18 holes are tough lots of risk reward most holes could and probably will wreck your card but its a must play little over priced if honest but still lot cheaper than most other courses in area
            look out for probably the best and hardest par 3 in golf the 14th 240 yard (the gully) the name say's it all


              • RE: RE: RE: Europe Golf courses reviews Martin McManus 7/01

                matt stewart wrote on: Feb 2, 2016

                got my hole in one at the gully then a two at hill 60 then finished 7,8 ,8 haha good times


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