Gotts Park Golf Club
Armley Ridge Road, Armley,
Leeds, West Yorkshire LS12 2QX
Tel : +44 (0)113 2342019

3 km west of Leeds

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Public course

Course Details

Course Name: Gotts Park Holes: 18 Yardage: 4960 SSS: 64

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  • Gotts Park golfclub.

    Bernard Wayne wrote on: Mar 29, 2010

    As Rabbits-Captain and Comp. Secretary I played several years at Gotts Park.Now I am living abroad,still playing golf,but missing the comradship
    and the no hairs & graces attitude amongst the members.Hcp.then 14,now 11,
    a challenging course,physically and mentally,certainly not for the fainthearted!Fond memories!


      • RE: Gotts Park golfclub.

        Brett Redshaw wrote on: Dec 9, 2011

        Bernard Wayne. Please tell me you're the Bernard Wayne who played at Gotts Park in the mid- to late- Sixties? Bernard Wayne the Dutchman (?) If so, we played together many times with the likes of John Kennington. Also there were some really good players around like Dave and George Spence, Dave Blake, Tim Hall....?
        I'm still playing, now off 9 handicap at Bearwood Lakes in Berkshire. To this day, I play the occasional 'virtual' round at Gotts Park aided by Google Earth.
        All the Best,


  • Gotts Park Review

    Martyn Sommerville H'Cap 11 wrote on: Apr 18, 2005

    Well, I have read some of the other reviews and I have mixed feelings. Firstly, I never once felt threatened that I was going to be beaten up while playing this course, that's just being paranoid and girly!
    Alas, the course is shocking, no test of golf, no good holes, no good greens, no nice views, it's horrendous, and without doubt the worst course i have EVER played!! It has 7 par 3s, no par 5s and the average yardage of the par 4s is less than 300 yards!!!! (the longest I might add is 350, wow, what a real tester that one is !!!!!!) No, I'm sorry, but I feel I must be honest, £9 or £3, this is a pitch n putt at best, stay clear!


  • RE: Europe Golf courses reviews John Conway hdcp 12 02/99

    Iain Wilkinson. wrote on: Jul 29, 2004

    It is not as bad as some make it out to be . The snobish idiot who thinks you get beat up every time you play here must of played some other club. I have been going to Gotts Park for a few years now, on and off and have never had any trouble there.It's not bad at all for a round under a tenner.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Jonathan Dixon Hdcp 3 03/02

    Jonathan Dixon Hdcp 3 wrote on: Feb 28, 2002

    Gotts Park is a superb little course ideal for a quick and cheap competition amongst friends. Whilst the flagsticks and bunkers are not in the best conditions, the fairways and greens are more than acceptable and at a price of £9 near the centre of Leeds it's a bargin. I've played at £100+ a-round, courses throughout the world and many haven't been as challenging as Gotts Park. Try it you might like it.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews John Conway hdcp 12 02/99

    John Conway hdcp 12 wrote on: Jan 31, 1999

    This is a shocking course, badly kept, hills everywhere, bits of plastic for flagsticks. It may be a tough test of golf but is it worth being beaten up by vandals just for a measly round in the worst part of Leeds?


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