Grimsby Golf Club
Littlecote Road,
Grimsby, Lincolnshire DX34 4LU
Tel : +44 (0) 1472 342823 Fax : +44 (0) 1472 342630

1 km west of Grimshy, off A46. 1 km from A 180

Course Details

Course Name: Grimsby Holes: 18 Yardage: 6098 SSS: 69

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  • spongey greens

    R.DAMM wrote on: Jun 30, 2004

    my friends an i played grimsby last monday and found the course in good shape but the greens was like walking on sponge. could be a bit firmer


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Ian McIntosh Hcp 9 7/02

    Ian McIntosh Hcp 9 wrote on: Jun 30, 2002

    I used to be a member at Grimsby until 1997 and I was invited back to play in the invitation day on 29 June 2002. The course is in absolutely top class condition and the greens are the best I have played on this year - barring none. Extensive upgrades have taken place in the clubhouse and although I have not played any other courses in Lincolnshire lately this must rank now as one of the best.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Trevor Davey, h'cap 07/99

    Trevor Davey, h'cap wrote on: Jun 30, 1999

    Grimsby Golf Club has, in my opinion, the best course in the area. I played there on a society day in May 1999 and I was astonished to find such an excellent course hidden away amongst the suburbs of Grimsby.
    Incredibly, the course is quite hilly with an abundance of trees and water, despite it's urban location. I understand that a determined effort has been made by the club over the last few years to bring the course up to first class condition and their efforts have certainly paid off. The fairways and greens are superb and the course, in general, is a joy to play.
    There is a good variety of holes and most need a lot of thought, particularly with approach shots. The greens run true and, once you get the hang of the speed, long puts can be struck with confident. Most tee shots on par fours and fives can be hit with a wood if you are fairly straight.
    The second hole, a par three, is one of the prettiest holes I've played and it's a real so-and-so to hit the beautifully contoured green from the elevated tee. The ninth is, I am told, the longest par three in England at 246 yards and certainly takes some reaching, particularly if there is a bit of breeze against.
    On the minus side, and these are more than compensated by the plus side, is that the 150 yard markers on the course are discs set into the fairway, which are not much good unless you're on top of them as you can't see them (range finders weren't available when we played). The back end of the course runs parallel to a busy road so there is quite a bit of traffic noise. But ignore these and just enjoy the course.
    As a small village pub golf society, we were very well looked after by the friendly staff and pro. The clubhouse and changing rooms are excellent and the prices for food and green fees were very reasonable.
    Well worth a visit.