Horton Park Country Club
Hook Road,
Epsom, Surrey KT19 8QG
Tel : 020 8393 8400 Fax : 020 8394 1369

27 hole complex with extensive practice facilities, including 26 bay covered floodlit driving range, teaching academy with computer/video analysis studio, club fitting facility, repair studio, putting green.

On the B284 between Ewell and Chessington. Ideally situated 5 minutes from Tolworth junction of A3, or 5 minutes from junction 9 of M25

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Course Name: Millennium Holes: 18 Yardage: 6200 SSS: 70
A peaceful and picturesque parkland course, with 3 holes played across a natural lake. Academy 9 hole course 1637 yrds, par 30, mixture of par 3's and short par 4's.
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  • Bargain 9 hole. Confusing 18 hole.

    MBD wrote on: Oct 11, 2010

    I played the 9 hole par 3 'Amateur' course a couple of months ago as it's about 15 mins drive from me and I found it to be an average 9 hole course. 7/10 for the general upkeep but that's to be expected when there's such a bargain on membership for it (£100 for as many rounds as you like)
    Played the 18 hole 'Millenium' course on Saturday and it's in a slightly better state than the 9 hole (8/10) but I hate hate hate the layout. It's a meandering, confusing, un-signposted maze of a course to play. Hole 2 had no tee box and I needed to play off mats. Hole 3 you have to walk halfway back along the side of hole 2 to find the tee and then play across a large area of mud churned over by machinery. From the 5th hole you walk past the 18th and 9th tees, through a gate, round a hedge to play the 6th. From the 8th you walk back past the 6th tee to the 9th. From the 10th you walk past the 9th, 6th and 8th and then the piece de resistance:
    From the 17th you walk back past the 11th, 8th, 6th AND 9th to tee off.
    Never again (unless I have an OS map, compass and camping equipment in case I get lost)


  • Working at horton

    Sam Kilpatrick wrote on: Aug 28, 2008

    i worked at horton on the greens staff for 2 and a half years and in that time i have seen the course change dramaticly! although there has been some silly moves in changing the course they are only minor and do not disrupt play they only become apparent after seeing them every day! one thing i would say is if you are thinking of playing, play the main 18 hole course as the 9 hole par 3 couse is an absolute rip off. it is in a terrible state due to lack off staff! when i first started at horton there were 9 green keepers there are now 4 green keepers managing 27 holes!!


  • Horton Park Golf course

    Peter West wrote on: Jun 21, 2007

    I played this course 4 years ago and, as others will tell you, it was rubbish. I was persuaded to try the course again on 8th June. WOW! This course now compares favourably with any other course in the area and is better than most. The owners and ground staff have spent time and money rebuilding the course, putting in drainage and reshaping many of the holes. I couldn't believe it was the same course. The first 5 holes are trying for the most experienced golfer and the 10th hole is one of the best par 3's I have ever played. signage is adequate, 150 yard markers are clear to see and the greens are superb, if a little slow.
    Ignore all adverse comments more than 3 years old and try for yourself.


  • RE: RE: horton golf course

    Paul wrote on: Feb 19, 2005

    I feel that this is a brilliant course with adequete course signs. People who cannot find their way to the next hole just have to look at the signs that now clearly state where the next tee off is. The course is fantastically laid out and has now been totally revamped and will be fantastic in the summer. I encourage people to try this course out again as it has dramatically improved and is now an even better price than before.


  • Horton Golf course

    Andrew Barsby wrote on: Sep 8, 2004

    A shambles - the score card had no plan of the course, and there were no signs to guide you from the green to the next tee. We gave up at the 5th, after wandering around in different directions for about 10 minutes. We found the 18th, the 16th, and the 10th, but not the 6th, though it must have been there somewhere. This place really should not be advertising itself as a golf course. Avoid, unless you're after an expensive game of hide and seek.


  • horton course

    steve watson wrote on: Sep 1, 2004

    i think the course is rubbish for the money and its a total mess. You cant even really call it a course its more a park with flags. Especially because there are children fishing in the private lake. Totally rubbish never go to this place


      • RE: horton course

        fran wrote on: Jul 19, 2009

        i would just like to say that i am currently playing a lot on this course and think that after being re-vamped, is a very good course.


  • RE: horton golf course

    wrote on: Dec 1, 2003

    I agree some of the greens are a bit bare, however it has to be recognised that this club is currently revamping all of its facilities. including the 2 courses and driving range area. I think it will be wonderful when its complete. Watch this space!


  • horton golf course

    chris carson wrote on: Oct 5, 2003

    this was one of the worst golf courses i have ever played, the greens and the tees are bare with dirt and there are no sign posts or ball cleaners. the fee of 20 pounds is twice that of reigate hill golf club and riegate hill is a ten times better course


  • horton golf course

    chris carson wrote on: Oct 5, 2003

    this was one of the worst golf courses i have ever played, the greens and the tees are bare with dirt and there are no sign posts or ball cleaners. the fee of 20 pounds is twice that of reigate hill golf club and riegate hill is a ten times better cours


  • Europe Golf courses reviews M J Rees 01/02

    M J Rees wrote on: Dec 31, 2001

    Over the past 18 months a lot of improvements and changes have been, and still are, being made and many holes are being re-designed. Although this has caused disruption, overall the course is becoming more interesting and not too easy to play to your handicap! It is a varied course with two long par 3's and three long par 5's, though the par 4's tend to be a little short. The lake comes into play on 3 holes, the signature hole being a par 3 island green. Overall, the condition is improving and it is certainly a course that is well worth playing.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Vikas Krishan 07/99

    Vikas Krishan wrote on: Jun 30, 1999

    A fair course, if a bit short. The 8th hole with it's tee off over a small lake makes a picturesque, if slightly daunting shot! The par fives are pleasant although a bit straight-tish. An enjoyable round - especially if you do pay 'the reasonable fee' and hire a buggy!


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Graham Stuart Coombs 05/99

    Graham Stuart Coombs wrote on: Apr 30, 1999

    A fair to medium course with (usually) well kept greens and fairway's. This course has improved greatly over the past 18 months, some of the rough areas were actually unplayable with waist deep grass. These have all been cut back now and this makes teeing off much less intimidating on some holes. One water hazard and a few very long par fives make this an enjoyable round.
    They appear to be building a couple of new holes at the moment, which look quite interesting and will extend the course.
    My tip would be to hire a buggy ( a bargain for a 'tenner' ) - and aim slightly left on the second tee - or you'll lose your ball into the range. Excellent food and drink available with friendly service.


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