Hounslow Heath Golf Club
Staines Road,
Hounslow, Middlesex TW4 5DS
Tel : +44 (0) 181 570 5271

Opposite Green Lane, Staines Road (A315)

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Public course

Course Details

Course Name: Hounslow Heath Holes: 18 Yardage: 5901 SSS: 68

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  • Review

    Ian Anstey wrote on: Jan 3, 2012

    All the previous comments are old so I wanted to bring an up to date comments to the site. In fact, most of the old comments still hold try. Challenging course with some really good holes (altho a couple of easier/short par 4s - notably the first so don't be fooled) needing accuracy of shot and good control.
    The ground did get really hard last summer but the ground staff are doing a good job as far as I can see (only started playing there in the last year)and it's a good course in the Spring and early Autumn.


  • H.H.G.C.

    Dave Bentley wrote on: Nov 20, 2009

    Played the course in November - course very wet but still a good test even under winter rules and off the front tees. This is a technically demanding course for anyone wanting a low score - 10 dog-legs -and you need to be able to draw and fade the ball off the tee and thru the fairway and hit it over (or round ) high trees. It demands accuracy as well as length on some holes Every hole is different and the course is one I favour - rough and ready linksland in summer/ punishing heathland rough - not the modern manicured layouts that are all so easy, boring and repetitive. Here you have to work the ball and take it cleanly off the fairway, playing chip and run and all variety of shots - in its own way a masterpiece on the lines of Frilford Heath where I was a member for some years. I hope they don't ponsify the course and spoil it. Next time I'm going to play it with hickories to set up a hickory club course record - now there's a challenge.


  • Hounslow Heath

    Richard Coveney wrote on: Aug 6, 2009

    Often commented on for it's poor condition, but for the past 2 years has been in the hands of a private company who have invested some TLC.
    So now the course is not only challenging & interesting with some really lovely holes, the greens, fairways & tees are now being brought up to scratch.
    If you want to kid yourself then play the wide open courses nearby, but if you want to know if you can really play this game then give Hounslow a try


  • Early Bird...

    Spencer wrote on: Aug 15, 2005

    Not a bad course if you catch in the spring, before the local kids kick the cr*p out of the greens and steal all the pins.
    Price-wise it's hard to beat, but by mid-summer, it's not much of a bargain.
    Great course if you're looking to work on your accuracy; the heathlands layout is not at all forgiving and keeps you honest off the tee. The planes coming in above the 12th should also help you work on your concentration - nothing like a 747 coming in 200ft above your head to provide a little extra challenge.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Ian McAllan 04/02

    Ian McAllan wrote on: Mar 31, 2002

    Hounslow Heath, a great challenge of a golf course. Just £9 per round during the week and some of the most challenging holes you're every likely to play on. The 15th needs pin point accuracy and a great deal of luck to be anywhere near the green in 2 and the whole undulating layout is a challenge especially to those who play on flat courses regularly. A good course to test how good you actually are.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Chris Griffiths and Rob Bartlett 03/02

    Chris Griffiths and Rob Bartlett wrote on: Feb 28, 2002

    As novices, Hounslow is a very challenging and interesting course its only draw back is that it is on common land which means the general public have right of way, although it is rarely a problem. Well worth £13 for a round.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Gordon Turnbull 08/01

    Gordon Turnbull wrote on: Jul 31, 2001

    Even though its a seemingly short public course that virtually costs nothing to play at today's prices. I defy any average golfer to play within 4 strokes of his handicap and especially to score par or less at its stroke index 1 hole (15th). This course is good value for money and very enjoyable.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Andre Sergides 01/99

    Andre Sergides wrote on: Dec 31, 1998

    I have played this course many times over the last seven years and still find it challenging it will always give the lowest handicappers problems and to think it is only a couple of miles from Heathrow.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Peter Raybaud 11/98

    Peter Raybaud wrote on: Oct 31, 1998

    As a past captain at Hounslow I guess I am somewhat biased. Although the course is 'public' it gives a very good test to any standard of golfer - particularly when holes 14, 15 16 are reached. It may be short - less than 6000 yards - but give it a try. I now live in Bolton, so don't get to play Hounslow! I now play Dunscar - that's worth a visit also.


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