Lilley Brook Golf Club
Cirencester Road, Charlton Kings,
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL53 8EG
Tel : +44 (0)1242 526785 Fax : +44 (0)1242 256880

5 km southeast of Cheltenham on A4 35

Course Details

Course Name: Lilley Brook Holes: 18 Yardage: 6226 SSS: 70

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  • Very bad experience

    S Carter wrote on: Aug 3, 2009

    Unfortunately I don't share your view point from my poor experiences at the course. Upon arrival I was looked up and down by many members! I found the pro at the shop arrogant, rude and very unwelcoming. The course isn't bad, however the first nine holes aren't that interesting.
    I've never had such a bad experience at any club before, it put me off playing golf for the first time in my life. The club acts as if it's caught in a time warp - it's 2009 not 1914!
    There are many better clubs around the area - I would recommend you try one of those out and stay clear, unless of course you're a member!


      • RE: Very bad experience

        Dave Mikele wrote on: Sep 7, 2009

        I think that your just talking out of your backside.
        Course is fantastic and members are fine. One on the hardest opening 9's around and if you are to go somewhere else to play then you are missing out


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Marcus Harrison 07/99

    Marcus Harrison wrote on: Jun 30, 1999

    Battling to book at a course for a Sunday over a bank holiday weekend, I was warned not to play here as the members were very cliquey. I was thus most pleasantly surprised that whilst I was putting on my shows in the parking lot, three members obviously saw that I was alone and asked me if I would like to join them. Three of the nicest gentlemen you couldn't ask to meet. They even signed me in as a guest for the day, saving me £££ on the day rate.
    A nice little pro shop, but you have to be a member or a guest to use the changing facilities and club house.
    Set in the Cotswold hills, the first nine is surprisingly flat and open, with trees lining the fairways. Whilst the back nine are rather hilly and a bit more of a challenge. The course was in excellent condition for the beginning of spring, although in the afternoon it started to rain and a bit of the Hae (spelling) moved in.
    An enjoyable private course, although a little pricey on the weekends!
    Hacker Harrison


      • RE: Europe Golf courses reviews Marcus Harrison 07/99

        Chris wrote on: May 27, 2009

        I am a member at Lilley Brook and you will find that it is the minority of the members that are lairy. If you were to vist a little more often and actually meet some of the members you will find that there are many golfing groups from young to old that are happy to bring in new members. The course at the moment is in fantastic condition and the greens are nice and true. I would challenge anyone to find a better kept course at this present time


          • RE: RE: Europe Golf courses reviews Marcus Harrison 07/99

            Mark Tetlow wrote on: Oct 5, 2009

            I was a Member here for 7 years in the 1980's before moving to Lancashire. In the Summer months it is absolutely glorious to play Lilleybrook. The Membership consists of a good mixture of sociable types and the Club Competitions are very well run. The only negative that I found is that you are encouraged to rush round and slow play is totally frowned upon. Apart from that, generally a pleasant experience to play here.