Lofthouse Hill Golf Club
Leeds Road, Lofthouse Hill,
Wakefield, West Yorkshire WF3 3LR
Tel : +44 (0)1924 823703 Fax : +44 (0)1924 823703

Between Leeds and Wakefield

Further Information
Driving range. Extension to 18 holes 1997

Course Details

Course Name: Lofthouse Hill Holes: 9 Yardage: 3167 SSS: 35

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  • RE: Europe Golf courses reviews R Graeme, hdcp 12, 01/00

    john wrote on: Jul 18, 2004

    i played this course after the 18 hole conversion. it was dreadful. the course did not match. the greens and fairways had different grass 2 the first 9, which was rubbish anyway. i heard the origanal owners got arrested for fraud... which would explain a lot. in all avoid this course like the plaigu. ur better stayin in the back garden.


      • RE: RE: Europe Golf courses reviews R Graeme, hdcp 12, 01/00

        mark wrote on: Jul 25, 2004

        I have to disagree with the last comments. I am a beginner (3 months) I joined Lofthouse a month ago, due to the fact I was looking for a club and course that would help me improve my game. I joined Lofthouse after a month of looking at other clubs. During this month I found most clubs were very expensive, asking for stupid joining fees and when i said I was a beginner and no had no Handicap well that was it, there was now 6 months waiting list.
        Lofthouse had no joining fee, the people are friendly and welcoming. The course is not the best, but in the last month I have seen a difference in the fairways and greens. As a beginner I can not believe that snobery is so much part of the golfing world.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews R Graeme, hdcp 12, 01/00

    R Graeme, hdcp 12, wrote on: Dec 31, 1999

    A short 9-hole course with very tight fairways, the extension to 18 holes is not open until April 2000. The greens are very poor due to poor maintenance over the years, the new owners are hoping to rectify the problems.
    The main downfall of this course is that it is set in a small area, you cannot see the green from any tee except for the par 3's, due to all holes having a dog-leg and the fact that all fairways are bordered with grass mounds.