Mitcham Golf Club
Carshalton Road,
Mitcham, Greater London CR4 4HN
Tel : +44 (0)20 86481508

Mitcham Junction Station

Course Details

Course Name: Mitcham Holes: 18 Yardage: 5931 SSS: 68

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  • Golf Mitcham

    David Allan wrote on: Feb 27, 2006

    Played over the weekend and havent been here for a while. WOW this place has changed , the course for the winter is excellent, one thing with Mitcham Golf Club is that you always play off grass tees and they never use temp greens at any stage of the year.
    The Proshop and Clubhouse has been updated and now they have a new online booking system which is GREAT !!! take alook.
    Well worth a visit...


  • Members

    Ivan Judd wrote on: May 14, 2004

    Some very old friends of mine were and may still be members of the Mitcham Golf Club, I wonder if you could possibly pass a message to them if they still belong to the club. If they are minded and want to catch up and reminise on old times, they can contact me on the e-mail provided or call me on 01579 370083.
    Thank you very much for your time
    Ivan Judd


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Mike Hurle 05/02

    Mike Hurle wrote on: Apr 30, 2002

    Mitcham was designed by Tom Morris and a bit of the old Scottish links atmosphere shines through. Since some of these reviews were written, the old 17th and 18th have become the 1st and 2nd. This means that two of the last three holes are now par 3s. It also means that the course has a very tough finishing stretch, especially the 17th (formerly 15th) with its testing platneau green. For me the best stretch of holes starts at the 11th, whilst the par 3 third hole can be a nightmare when the wind is agaist, or off the left. Some people complain about the fairways but who cares when you have such excellent greens to putt on?


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Richard Parker 7/01

    Richard Parker wrote on: Jun 30, 2001

    A little gem of a course tucked away in South London. Excellent greens and tight fairways give a test that belies its short length. Watch out for the teasing third and tricky fifteenth.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Tom Leatherbarrow, 10/99

    Tom Leatherbarrow, wrote on: Sep 30, 1999

    Of the finishing holes, I have heard them described as 'added on almost as an afterthought' and, while they are indeed flat and a little uninspiring, one of them is always likely to be playing into the wind as they travel in opposite directions and will require a long iron or fairway wood approach.
    Overall the course has a linksland feel to it, with hummocks and ridges on the fairways and some vicious slopes on the always immaculate greens. For an inland course it is unusually affected by the wind, in particular any wind from the south or west which results in the long par 4s, including no.3 on the front nine and numbers 12, 15 and 18 on the back, all playing directly into the wind and making, what on the card appear to be medium length par 4s, into monsters. Many times I have stood on the fourteenth at 2-3 over par gross and have finished with a run of bogies to push my score in the high 70s.
    C'est la vie !!!!