Rathfarnham Golf Club
Dublin 16, Dublin
Tel : +353 (0)1 4931201

9 km south of Dublin

Course Details

Course Name: Rathfarnham Holes: 9 Yardage: 6331 SSS: 70
(no description available)
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  • a no no!

    randy granouwie wrote on: Jun 27, 2004

    stay away-the members are all evil


  • test

    Nicky Kilroy wrote on: Dec 23, 2003

    Test Message


  • bono is a good boy

    wrote on: Oct 6, 2003

    O-kay, ho-ho
    Now, listen to me my boy, don't listen to a word that toe rag Dunphy has to say about bono. Bono is a first class chap, and i should know because without me, Bono and the boys would still probably be travelling around emptying portaloos for a living, ha ha. in fact bono liked me so much that he bought me a harley but i had to get rid of it because i already had a honda seventy. So give bono the job boys, he's a good fellow, but he is a bit fond of the old "wacky backy" if ya catch my drift, but sure then again aren't we all.
    Cathleen, are ya finished rolling that J-bag, i do be dying for a toke these days you know my dear boy.
    p.s. If you ever need me to pose for a few shots on the eigth green shall we say, don't hesitate to give uncle gaybo a call, but i dont get up before at least half three and in afternoon and i have to be getting six million euro per second or i'll just hang up on yer ass, peace dear chap


  • bono doesn't know nothin

    Eamonn Dunphy wrote on: Oct 6, 2003

    Listen lads,
    dont listen to a bleedin word that bono is sayin, if he says he can get ya a decent website for cheap, then ya better get in some extra large tubs a vasoline cos ya's are gonna get f***ed..
    I just met him in the pub an' he was laughin his arse off at "these fools me an the edge are doin a web-site fer, like y'know", so i goes to him, that he'd want to watch himself cos ye boys are no joke with a golf club..
    so if ya's want a website done, come talk to me, hah


  • oh maaaan, peace

    Bono wrote on: Oct 6, 2003

    Howiya's doin lads,
    i was just talkin to my buddy snoop dog and he was saying, like, y'know, that yer website was kinda, like, sh*te ( 'scuse the language) and i was just thinkin, like, i know a fella who can do ya's a decent site for shag all, know what i mean like, cos lets face it man, it is kinda,er, lets just say there's alot of blankness so what ya say man, yeah.. listen gotta go man meetin that gimp ronan keating for a quick threesome with his wife and about six other fellas so slan


  • What the.....?!

    Snoop doogy dog (famous rap star and pro golfer) wrote on: Oct 6, 2003

    this web site is crap!!!!!!
    did ya's ever hear a posting some information on yer web page or are ya's usin the same colour for the words and backgrounds, hah?!!
    I'm definately stayin in long beach after seein this yoke


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