Regent Park (Bolton) Golf Club
Link Road, Chorley New Road,
Bolton, Greater Manchester BL2 9XX
Tel : +44 (0)1204 844170

A673, 6 km west of Bolton. M61 Junction 6

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Course Details

Course Name: Regent Park Holes: 18 Yardage: 6221 SSS: 69

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  • crap

    peter wrote on: Dec 29, 2004

    this is the best golf corse ever i dont
    know wot your on a bout from peter


      • RE: crap

        john wrote on: Feb 13, 2009

        you need to learn how to spell, maybe you like the course because you are thick!!


  • RE: rubbish course

    wrote on: Jan 6, 2004

    i agree this course is the worst i have ever cum across in my time of being a golfer!!!! better get time to re-address the course lads!!!


  • i hate that course

    osama wrote on: Jan 6, 2004

    the frindly greens keepers at this course kicked me off the course because i wasnt a member but i payed for a day fee the didnt just ask me to leave the course the kicked me off


  • rubbish course

    hitler wrote on: Jan 6, 2004

    this course is the worst course in bolton england id rather play in a brothel and play there because its rubbish the greens keepers knick your clubs , i was playing the 12th hole and my club head cameeeeee off the picked it up and drove off in there buggie i asked for it back they said they didt know what i was talkin about, like hell they did, dont play there it sucks


      • RE: rubbish course

        Kate wrote on: Sep 1, 2010

        no i doesn't suck u clearly suck I no the greens keepers and they are awesome so go eat sh**. <3


  • Europe Golf courses reviews WOODWARD, Andrew 5/01

    WOODWARD, Andrew wrote on: Apr 30, 2001

    I learned the game on this course as a child, so I have retained something of a soft spot for it. I usually get to play it about once a year. It's an enjoyable, and not overly difficult layout with some interesting holes and well worth a visit. The only drawback I found on my last visit was that the bunkers had virtually no sand in them, and made the course look distinctly down-at-heel. The greens as well were rather rough and full of pitch marks, but still not bad for a municipal course.


      • RE: Europe Golf courses reviews WOODWARD, Andrew 5/01

        david cornfield wrote on: Aug 10, 2004

        i have recently visted regent park and it has inproved a great deal. allthough some minor work is still ongoing it is shaping up to be a very good coarse .under new mangement it now has a fully automated driving range.and is worth a visit.there are also golf and a new shop tovisit


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Jason McCaul 11/98

    Jason McCaul wrote on: Oct 31, 1998

    A hilly coups with some quite long Par 4's when played in the summer. In the winter the course becomes considerable easier as the winter greens and tees knock about 50 yards of each hole, sadly it lacks proper winter greens and the cut fairway that is used as the green leaves a little to be desired. Its quite a tiring course due to the undulations.


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