Roseberry Grange Golf Club
Grange Villa,
Chester-Le-Street, Durham DH2 3NF
Tel : +44 (0)191 370 0670

5 km west of Chester-Le- Street on A693

Further Information
Public course with driving range

Course Details

Course Name: Roseberry Grange Holes: 18 Yardage: 5892 SSS: 68
(no description available)
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  • superb course

    lee trevino wrote on: Dec 5, 2016

    I am a texan who is staying at beamish hotel which has a small execute course. but I wanted to play some real golf.
    I played beamish park and shot 75 played two rounds at south moor shooting 77 81 and at roseberry I shot 77 aswell with a handicap which has gone up to this course is a good test and very good value for money. some brilliant holes although some are on the short side but still a treat to play I found the layout better than beamish park ,and cheaper fees. what lucky people you are getting so much for so little cost, I may come over England every summer now and buy a holiday home. gee whizz i may even buy this golf course one day.


  • Great Course

    Denathorn wrote on: Mar 31, 2012

    I'm a member of a course further up the road (Hobson), but, very much enjoy playing Roseberry Grange, so much so, I've signed up for a membership this year.
    I'm not the greatest golfer, but, I find the course very forgiving, the fairways are adequate and yes it's hilly, on a handful of holes, you cannot see the flag from the tee or when your playing your second shot, but I think this is a bonus, it makes some shots a bit more technical, and you sharp realize you have to trust your swing and your club selection.
    The 14th hole, which is fondly known as "Heart Attack Hill", is one of my fave holes, yes, it does loom at you, yes, it's a bugger to walk up and yes, if you fluff your tee shot, it'll cost you a few shots, but for the life of me can you blame the hole for a 12 over, especially if your playing off a handicap of 3, the most I've ever got on that hole is a 7, and I float around 95-100 shots per round (I am getting better though)... For future reference, I use a tee'd six iron on that hole.
    The course does have a public footpath running though it, so, it's obvious that there's going to be pedestrian traffic, this has never been a problem for me, when I play golf, I'm in no rush, and as such, if anyone wanders on, I wait.
    I've found the club house to be very friendly, which, is another major reason I joined, Chris, the pro, is pleasant, the staff and other members are chatty, there is no 'clicks', and, you dont get the impression you've farted on someones Christmas dinner when you wander in after battling 18 with a golf cap on.
    I think the club house attitude is very modern towards its members, and for me, it's great it doesnt succumb to the horridness of 'posh golf'
    They dont have a pro shop at the course, this isnt a problem because lets face it, you can get your golfing bats and accessories far cheaper at superstores or online.
    This is my opinion of the course, and as such, I do know people who dont like playing there because it is a bit hilly, but in my experience, it beats the stuffing out of some other courses...
    Hobson isnt bad, but, apparently, they lay off green keepers while maintaining bar staff, which, the bar is usually quiet, this isnt good, the club should be about the course, simple as, as it infuriates me me when I do a nice drive down the middle of the fairway, get to my ball and it's buried in a patch, what can only be described as rough... Not good.
    I also dont like Mount Oswalds stuffy attitude and the back nine is a up,down,up,down,up,down affair, and becomes rather tedious, rather quickly.
    All in all, if you like a challenging game of golf, that tests you, and your golf... Roseberry is for you, if not, Argos do a putting mat for £19.99 (Cat number: 927/0013) :)


  • golf club

    Ray Mc Dermott wrote on: Jul 17, 2011

    this golf club is under new management and is now called Roseberry Grange Community Golf Club there are new prices for rounds of golf and the driving range


  • Tee times

    Psychosnailz wrote on: Oct 27, 2010

    I am a member and have been for two years now, but when my membership runs out i will not be renewing it. This is due to 99% of the time when I book a tee it is pointless, due to when I turn up the golf club have squeezed as many people onto the course as they can. Today when I turned up there was ten people waiting on the 1st tee at the time when i was supposed to be setting off. When I mentioned this at the club shop I got no support or reason why there was so many people booked in at the same time.NOT HAPPY


  • the course

    n faldo wrote on: Apr 16, 2007

    good course excellent for the beginner, 14th is great for the calfs very relaxed


      • RE: the course

        george warnaby wrote on: Aug 9, 2010

        found course hard walking. should have fetched chris bonington with me .weird par 3 on a hill that would frighten tiger woods where i shot a 12 over par on that hole even though i am a 3 handicap player.the pro there is an ignorant man and on the top of the course while ready to play 6 or 7 men walked over the course with 3 bull terriers as if it was a camp site and jumped in a pond.fortunately they didnt attack me but it was worrying at the time very strange golf course but some nice holes


  • exelent

    darren lowther wrote on: May 20, 2004

    this course is exelent i was just a beginer and found this course my favourite of all ive played on so far perfect for the beginer and the staff treats u as a person not a peasent


      • RE: exelent

        alastair scott wrote on: Feb 14, 2009

        im a member here and i think the course is great in the summer because the green keepers do a fantastic job of keeping the greens nice for members and visitors


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