Ruislip Golf Course
Ickenham Road, Ruislip, Middlesex, HA4 7DQ
Shop: 01895 277777 Fax 01895 635780

West Ruislip British rail/ LTE Station

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Course Name: Ruislip Holes: 18 Yardage: 5702 SSS: 68

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  • Great Course

    Adam Copeland wrote on: May 6, 2011

    i recently visited Ruislip GC and i have to say its a great place to play, course is in great condition and the staff there are really hopefully, the driving range is well stocked with good mats and balls great for a nice warm up before your round, you must go play there


  • Ruislip Golf Centre

    AlanN wrote on: Mar 3, 2011

    They look after the course and have a trolley ban in place, at present, due to the recent wet & muddy conditions.
    If you use the driving range, don't expect to get much benefit from your practise. The range balls are in very bad condition and need replacing


  • ruislip golf course

    daniel wrote on: Nov 11, 2010

    i played this course for the first time last week and really enjoyed the game.iv used their range over 30 times and it has really helped me to imrove my game . ok the course isnt perfect but its good compared to most. lets be straight its not a pga course but you get value for money their will play again this sunday ...


  • Ruislip Golf Club in Middlesex, England

    Nick Berry wrote on: Nov 6, 2008

    Have only just taken up golf and have found the driving range very helpful, clean and tidy.
    Staff are always willing to help.
    The Bar is always a must!!!!
    Well Done, I will continue to only use Ruislip Golf Club.


  • Ruislip Golf Course review

    Maurizio Patane` wrote on: Jul 6, 2005

    Nice pretty course, VERY easy and for this reason quite relaxing.
    Par 5 are all reachable in 2, so on a good day anyone can post very decent scores.
    Club House is nice with good food and quite lively (but too smoky).


  • the copurse

    lee wrote on: Nov 16, 2004

    i played there many of times and the course is in a state i htikn it should be taken over by new green keepers aswell its horrilbe state.
    but the food and bar and driving range are good the food especialy


  • ruislip golf course

    paul wrote on: Jun 19, 2004

    quite good. greens need some care and love


  • ruislip

    hollie munford wrote on: May 19, 2004

    i dont play golf but bf bought me a red golf glove, he got sum that night


  • kewl dude

    jacko g wrote on: May 19, 2004

    blud dis course is safe, it rules init, it has bear trees do nd my ball s hit ber of dem, i
    find bear balls nd hit no fairways, it is gd and challenging


      • RE: kewl dude

        peter wrote on: Nov 14, 2004



  • RE: Europe Golf courses reviews Glenn Mcloud 04/01

    wrote on: Jan 15, 2004

    Why have you posted the exact same message twice?


  • Ruislip Golf Course

    Greg Maxwell wrote on: Jan 15, 2004

    I live in Houston, Texas, but I am from Ruislip, and when I played the course back in the summer of 2003, I thought that it was quite good. Considering the state of some of the courses over here in America, Ruislip is a great course. Believe me, I've played in some courses in Houston and some of them I have decided to never play there again because of the extremely poor quality on the greens and fairways. Alright, Ruislip does need a bit of a fix up but I could consistantly get round in 80 at Ruislip, and I was only just 13 years old. Whereas, over here in the US, some of the greens on the courses that I have played at have caused me to four putt it because of their horrible condition. Compared to American courses, I would give Ruislip Golf Course a 7.5/10.


  • ruislip golr course

    steven wrote on: Oct 14, 2003

    ok, needs a bit more care and fairly priced


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Ruud Kole 05/02

    Ruud Kole wrote on: Apr 30, 2002

    I played this course as well (May 11th 2002) and have to say that it has > improved over the last time I played it when it was very poor indeed. The fairways are actually quite good now, although the greens still need a lot of work. At least some work has been don on them as they all seem to be aired this week. Hopefully they will improve!


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Glenn Mcloud 04/01

    Glenn Mcloud wrote on: Mar 31, 2001

    Hi I played at Ruislip on Saturday and I would like to express concern about the state of the course. My friends and I were very disappointed. We have played at the course several times before and we have never seen such a state!
    May I suggest on behalf of my friends that you close the course for a few days to get rid of the 'Bucket' holes which look as though someone has used a spade to cut the holes, and the greens look terrible they are so slow you need to repair and cut them, the drainage is not up to scratch and I know many people who do not play at the course because of this. This is a good course, do not spoil it, get yourself sorted out and make the changes and people will come back.


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