Rye Golf Club
Rye, East Sussex TN31 7QS
Tel : +44 (0)1797 225241 Fax : +44 (0)1797 225460

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5 km east of Rye on B2075

Course Details

Course Name: Rye Holes: 18 Yardage: 6308 SSS: 71

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Course Name: Course2 Holes: 9 Yardage: 6141 SSS: 70
For an appreciation and independent view, please see golfer reviews
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  • Rye

    Åke Appelgren wrote on: Oct 22, 2004

    A true linkscourse with one easy hole, the first lulling You inte the idea that You can play golf. After the easy parfive first you head in to great perils as the course starts to beat you up. Some of the parfours seems to be more like parfives, some of the shorter parfours seems to be parsixes as you must know just where the approach should be played from unless you miss the green and walk off with a nice chip-chip and maybe a twoputt.......
    The last hole where I had to aim at the window of the bar...... I didn't know the galss was armoured so I let the approach (1iron) fade a bit......
    I enjoyed the game at Rye and the atmosphere-We had a starting tine "rouglhy at noon" - when I asked what thatmeant the lady said: "Nytime, sir!"


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Peter Hanrott, Hdcp 4 (phanrott@ibuk.bankgesellschaft.de

    Peter Hanrott, Hdcp 4 wrote on: Nov 30, 2000

    Classic Links Golf at its best. I've played this course 3 times and each time the conditions have been totally different. If you're used to playing park-land courses its difficult to imagine just how much a links 'breeze' can effect your round. Rye, like all links courses, has its fair share of blind shots. Particularly the 6th, which is a virtually impossible par 4. You drive over a diagonal 80 ft sand dune onto a cambered fairway. The shot requires a draw to hold the fairway. If the wind is benign or helping (which it normally isn't) and you absolutely murder your drive, your approach to the heavily bunkered green might require as little as a 3-wood! The only thing that makes this course slightly less than impossible is the greens which are as true as any I've putted on.
    Overall a great golf experience but not or the faint hearted - its par 68 but would probably be fairer as a par 70.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Charles Whalen 12/98

    Charles Whalen wrote on: Nov 30, 1998

    Someone used to American golf courses will find this one a real departure. Classic seaside links golf. Try to play with a member as you will need help to find your way around. The par 3's are amazing! Best to play in the fall and spring.