Stoneleigh Deer Park Golf Club
The Old Deer Park, Coventry Road,
Stoneleigh, Warwickshire CV8 3DR
Tel : +44 (0)1203 639991 Fax : +44 (0)1203 692471

1 km east of Stoneleigh

Course Details

Course Name: Stoneleigh Deer Park Holes: 18 Yardage: 6083 SSS: 71

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  • Stoneleigh Deer Park Golf Club

    James Brown wrote on: Mar 11, 2011

    Played today in fourball. We were warmly welcomed by Ray in the Pro shop, great chap! Went through to clubhouse at 8am to be greeted and served breakfast by the chef another funny character.
    Had a good game of golf and for this time of year the course looked immaculate!
    Today has made me realise you dont have to spend loads of money to play a great course! A pat on the back is certainly deserved by all.
    Steve thanks for game, best one youve booked yet!


  • Stoneleigh Deer Park Golf Club

    Steve Ballinger wrote on: Mar 11, 2011

    Really nice course, great atmosphere and very friendly staff. Certainly the best value for money in the area. I would go as far as to say they are probably too cheap!!
    The course, although short on back nine has some magnificent trees and scenery. If i lived closer I would definately choose here for my home club.
    Look forward to our next visit.


  • whisky glass

    Albert Morris wrote on: Aug 5, 2009

    I have in my possesion a brandy glass with your name on, that was given to me about 10 years ago by my naighbour I have often wondered about your club and what area you are.I went on the net to find you I am a member at Prestwich Golf Clup Manchester.Do you want me to send it back to you. I do use it most evenings
    Albert Morris
    PS With me being OAP I will after charge you for the post Albert Morris {BANDIT}


  • Stoneleigh

    Sean and daniel wrote on: Nov 9, 2005

    We believe sotneleigh is a marvellous course, we enjoyed the 7th hole! made the green in 2, sublime! However on the other hand our main problem was the stags, they were very pushy from the rear we relt rushed and sprayed our shot everywhere due to heavy presure, we saw alot of bare ground but it was ok as it was under repair!
    Thanks for an amazing experience
    All our love
    Seany B n Danny boy!


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Graham Riley 05/01

    Graham Riley wrote on: Apr 30, 2001

    I have just returned from playing at Stoneleigh Deer Park GC and I think it is one of the worst golfing experiences I have ever had.
    It took 2 hours 40 mins to play 9 holes, the tee times are far too close together (6 or 7 mins) and this causes major course congestion, 3 sets of players waiting at one tee.
    The greens are in appalling condition, I am no greens expert but it looks as though they have a serious problem, they are bare and patchy and the ball bobbles all over the place, the tees are just as bad as the greens the markers have obviously not been moved in ages and consequently the teeing areas are littered with divot marks. I have played on far better municipal course and so considering the price they charge they are not putting any of it back into the course.
    We decided to give up after nine and had to fight to get a refund of 50% of the green fee, the young man in the shop was rude. He told me they could charge what they liked and that they had not guaranteed how long it would take us so it was tough luck. He relented after much debate and gave us a 50% refund but never once apologised for our bad experience.
    If you are planning to spend 25 pounds on a round of golf then there are plenty of far better courses in the area. The only redeeming feature is the setting which is very pretty, personally . I will never go again.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Geoff Hawkes. Hcp 20 12/00

    Geoff Hawkes. Hcp 20 wrote on: Nov 30, 2000

    When you play the first four holes at Stoneleigh Deer Park don't let anyone tell you that trees are 90% air ! One cannot fail to behold and appreciate the many old oak trees until you fall foul of them : the same can be said of the river that meanders through the course. Stoneleigh has had a number of problems over the years but a lot of improvements have been undertaken in the last eighteen monthes. My only criticism would be regarding the large clumps of dense clover on some of the fairways . The clubhouse is extremely congenial to non members (and serves excellent lunches at very reasonable prices)


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