Stourbridge Golf Club
Worcester Lane, Pedmore,
Stourbridge, West Midlands DY8 2RB
Tel : +44 (0)1384 393062

1 km south of Stourhridge on Worcester road

Course Details

Course Name: Stourbridge Holes: 18 Yardage: 6231 SSS: 70

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  • Greenkeepers Are Nuicenses

    Synthia wrote on: Dec 13, 2004

    Average Course I would say. On the occasion I do visit though I always encounter problems with Greenkeepers either getting in the way or just plain being disrespectful to myself. Once occasion I spoke to the Deputy Head Greenkeeper a Mr Hill I believe his name was and he was very patronizing and didnt care at all for my complaints or my enjoyment of playing on the Course. Overall I would advise a trip to Hagley instead, a few miles away. Better Course and Staff are very nice.


  • Greenkeepers Are Awful

    Gary Davies wrote on: Nov 27, 2004

    Each time I play I encounter a greenkeeper somewhere around, its almost like they have nothing else to do, the worst is the Greenkeeper in charge of the others, a Mr Michael Hill who is a right pompous twit. Instead of standing around talking, eating, basically doing nothing, they need to be doing there job and be out of peoples way. The Course definatly could be improved and perhaps if the Greenkeepers actually did there job instead of slacking off then the Course would most definatly be an good course to play on as it is though its average.


  • RE: rubbish

    wrote on: Feb 16, 2004

    >I think your golf course is roubish
    I agree. Shite.


  • rubbish

    carl roper. wrote on: Oct 16, 2003

    I think your golf course is roubish


      • RE: rubbish

        Jonny Briggs wrote on: Jul 27, 2004

        Roubish ??????
        Moron, go back to your pitch and putt.


          • RE: RE: rubbish

            sirus green wrote on: Sep 5, 2009

            very mature attitude for a respecable place lmfao
            u plums make me laugh


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