Torrance House Golf Club
Strathaven Road,
East Kilbride, Lanarkshire G75 0QZ
Tel : +44 (0)13552 48638

South of East Kilbride, off Strathaven road (A726)

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Public course

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Course Name: Torrance House Holes: 18 Yardage: 6415 SSS: 71

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  • Do something about this

    Bigkendo wrote on: May 30, 2012

    I've played Torrance for about a dozen times a year for the past twenty years or so.
    It has a great layout and upto a couple of years ago it was always well looked after , one of the best municipals around, but the last couple of years it has gone way downhill , played it todayand it will be my last time for a long while , they must have spent a fortune on white paint with all the GUR marks , Torrance and nearby Langlands are getting as bad as the old Glasgow courses i used to play.
    South Lanarkshire need to get their fingers out for these two courses .
    What surprises me is how well they look after one of their other courses , Hollandbush , same council yet you wouldn't even know it was a municipal.
    Come on SLC do something about the EK courses.


  • Torrance

    Mitchell Ronald wrote on: Feb 24, 2012

    Brilliant layout but bad condition now a was going to join but no point a can play it any time and ma dad broke the course record and well known figure at Torrance house and he entered the open in 1994 Craig Ronald


  • Torrance House

    Craig McCord wrote on: Jan 22, 2008

    As a member of the club i can say that this course is great. It is not as easy as some of the other courses in East Kilbride such as langlands but if you are nearby you should come and have a go. During the winter drainage is poor making this course scrappy but when a dry spell arrive it is amazing


  • RE: RE: torrance house golf course

    Homer wrote on: Dec 3, 2006

    I would guess Sean is not English, probably just illiterate.


  • RE: torrance house golf course

    wrote on: May 11, 2004

    Sean - you wouldn't happen to be Engish would you?


  • torrance house golf course

    sean cameron wrote on: Feb 23, 2004

    As a member of the golf club I hold the opinion that not only dose the golf club have a great famile atmosphere but if also has a very profesional golf corce and the condisions have been so good this hinter that there has been only two winter greens on. the gest changing fisiluter are clean and the higen is secomd to none. The corce is an all round challenging but still has well posision jonior tees and lades aswell.


      • RE: torrance house golf course

        g.baillie wrote on: Apr 13, 2005

        dear sean why is your spelling so pish


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Alan Brown 7/01

    Alan Brown wrote on: Jun 30, 2001

    Without a doubt Torrance has and always will have the potential to be one of the greatest parklands course in Scotland. It is unfortunate that the course is owned and operated by the local council and as such is over played and has never really been allowed to develop into the jewel in the golfing crown that it could be.
    I spent my teenage years pounding the fairways of this course and developed a fair standard of golf. I have not played the course for some years though keep in touch with my old playing partners who still venture out in all weathers for their weekly game.
    If you every have the chance to play the course, jump at it, though remember to use your imagination when it come to what you could be playing on.
    One word of warning though, always hit a seven iron at the eight. It will look allot more but when I played in the team there, the manager, Davy Armstrong always said hit a seven iron. I never did and always missed the green. I'm sure I should have listened to Davy!!


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Edward Still 04/01

    Edward Still wrote on: Mar 31, 2001

    Torrance House is an absolutely fantastic course. It is my local course and is always a challenge. The par 3 eighteenth is a gem. A tournament course if ever there was one. This course is a must for anyone visiting the Glasgow area. Only problem being the course can get extremely busy during the summer months, but this I suppose is a testament to how good it is.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Bobby Paterson 10/00

    Bobby Paterson wrote on: Sep 30, 2000

    Definitely outstanding parkland course. Have to disagree with Alan Gowran's comments about the 18th though - hole is 149yd from medal and drop is more like 70 feet (between a 9 iron and a pitching wedge depending on pin position). I have enclosed a photo of the tee shot at the 11th, which is approx. 225yd. I was pleased to land my 1 iron on the green from the back tee but unfortunately no birdie - typical putting for a 22 handicapper! My main reason for writing this review is I'd love a round with one of the clubs low handicappers - ideally the record holder who went round in about a 65!


      • RE: Europe Golf courses reviews Bobby Paterson 10/00

        brian mcglinchey wrote on: Jul 14, 2011

        i went round in 63 2 years ago 2 handicapper in july


  • Europe Golf courses reviews C/O Christopher Mccourt 12/99

    C/O Christopher Mccourt wrote on: Nov 30, 1999

    I am a junior member at Torrance House and I play of 6 and this year at my first attempt I won the junior club championship. Just about everyday, in summer my two mates Alan Gowran (4) and Iain McKendrick (6) and I play the course or head up to the practise area. The course has a odd layout and when poor weather conditions pick up can play long and a tough challenge for all golfers. If visiting East Kilbride I think you should come along and give the course a try.
    Michael Sweenie


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Alan Gowran 11/99

    Alan Gowran wrote on: Oct 31, 1999

    I am a junior golfer there who plays off of 3. I really enjoy playing there and its a great place to go and practice during the holidays. Some days I will play 2 rounds, work on my putting and go up to the practice area. I recommend it to anybody who will ever be in the area. Remember the name 'TORRANCE HOUSE'


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Alan Gowran 8/99

    Alan Gowran wrote on: Jul 31, 1999

    I am a junior member there who plays off a handicap of 1. The course can play very tough when the wind gets up. With tight fairways and thick rough it can be quite a challenge. All through your round you look forward to the spectacular 18th a 100 yard par 3 dropping down about 70 yards . A great place to play , so all you Americans instead of going to St Andrews when you come to Scotland come and visit Torrance house golf club! Hope to see you there.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Lee Thurmond 04/99

    Lee Thurmond wrote on: Mar 31, 1999

    When I lived in East Kilbride I played this course many times and I thought it was a great course then (70's) . I still have very happy memories of playing this course. John was a very good Pro and helped me a lot. Thanks for the memories and I still tell people here in USA about a great secret course that should be included for the British Open and hasn't.


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