Trent Park Golf Club
Bramley Road, Southgate,
London, Middlesex N14
Tel.: +44 208 367 4653 Fax: +44 208 366 4581

Trent Park Golf Club - Hole No 2Trent Park Golf Club in London is open to all seven days a week. There is a 36-bay covered floodlit driving range and full clubhouse facilities. The Trent Park golf shop has one of the most comprehensive ranges of golf equipment and clothing in the area.

By Car: Junction 24 M25 exit at roundabout to Cockfosters. Turn left at roundabout after Cockfosters High Street and the golf course is located 300 yards on the left, just after Oakwood Tube station.

By Tube: Take the Piccadilly Line to Oakwood Tube station. Upon exiting the station, turn right and the golf course is 150 yards on the left. The trip takes 25 minutes from Central London.

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Public Driving range

Course Details

Course Name: Trent Park Holes: 18 Yardage: 6008 SSS: 69

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  • Trent Park

    Colin wrote on: Oct 30, 2006

    I played at Trent park on Friday, the course is looking really nice and green and it's still being looked after really well. Once again the hold up on the course was madness. I was playing in a 3 ball, there was a 2 ball in front of us and a four ball in front of them. Every player in the four ball struggled to hit the ball further than 20 yards. When they were on the greens they were standing around talking and doing their hair(2 women).


  • Trent Park

    Adam Gibson (Pro) wrote on: Oct 26, 2006

    I have played this course 4 times and each time has been a struggle. There are too many slow players, 5-6 balls, there is no control. The course it's self is very nice. I think, for the type of people that play on it, it's in v. good condition. £16 a round is quite reasonable if you willing to take 5-6 hours playing.


      • RE: Trent Park

        Joy Zhao wrote on: Jul 10, 2007

        I live in Canary Wharf area and would like to spend Saturdays to learn golf outside London, can you let me know some information to be a beginner of golf, thank you.


  • Review

    Dom wrote on: Sep 18, 2006

    I played at Trent Park last Sunday and wished I hadn't. I'd heard rumours that play was slow, so decided to give the group in front 10 minutes before teeing off. When we got to the second hole, there were no less than 3 groups of 4 waiting to tee off. Suffice to say, we had completed 2 holes in 1 hour. We got sick of waiting after the 5th hole, so called it a day - a complete waste of money. I wouldn't recommend this course to anyone simply because the course is far too overcrowded. This sin't helped by the fact that over 50% of the people playing couldn't hit the ball more than 50 yards. The owners should think less about money and more about quality. They rely on new people coming every week. If they relied on locals, they would be out of business in 2 weeks unless they changed their booking policy.


      • RE: Review

        jon williams wrote on: Oct 11, 2009

        im afraid it's not up to trent park golf course it is a public course and you cant stop the public playing iv been there 20 years it drives me mad try and get out before 9am


  • Hire of Conference room

    Chrissie Pyrgotis wrote on: Mar 18, 2005

    Dear Sirs, I am enquiring about the availability of hiring a conference room at the golf club for a small exhibition. Do you have availability etc.
    Yours truly
    Chrissie Pyrgotis
    +357 99 043 187


  • RE: RE: Europe Golf courses reviews Magnus Olsson 7/01

    wrote on: Apr 10, 2004

    6 hour rounds are the norm in the height of summer (weekends) due to the clubs policy of booking 4 balls with 1 minute between tee times, that said I played the course yesterday and enjoyed it.Pretty soggy in places,no boring holes ,wide fairways but still a challenge, some holes are truly great, 1rst and 16th come to mind, birdie chances on some holes 10's a possibility on others,all in all a good course but avoid weekends in summer unless you get up REAL early


  • RE: Europe Golf courses reviews Magnus Olsson 7/01

    wrote on: Mar 31, 2004

    The course layout has great potential unfortunately the greens and tees are quite poor but the worst problem is the money grabbing attitude displayed by the club by over booking tee times which in turn means a round on the weekend can take over 5 hours and sometimes 6 in the summer.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Magnus Olsson 7/01

    Magnus Olsson wrote on: Jun 30, 2001

    What a pleasant surprise! I didn't have too high expectations this Saturday morning after two miserable experiences on a VERY wet and muddy course in the beginning of April and then in the beginning of Mai. This time the course was in very good shape. The greens were in good condition and the fairways were all
    dry and solid. Work has been done on new paths and a few new grass tees, which were still not quite ready to use. Soon all the holes will have grass tees in use. I really like the hilly character of the course and hole 1,6 and 16 are my favourites. All of them real challanges with hills, water and trees. Trent Park is definitely good value for money. The easy access with Underground (Picadilly / Oakwood) is an additional benefit!


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Jayne Hoser 03/00

    Jayne Hoser wrote on: Feb 29, 2000

    I have been using Trent Park for a number of years now and I must say that the improvements they have carried out over the last few years have been nothing short of phenomenal. The drainage of the course was so bad that it entered in legendary folklore, the greens were always a lottery, and the 15th phew!!! A very long par 4 directly into the wind with a tiered green, top part 4 foot deep and some joker would always place the flag on that part whenever the wind was blowing at its heaviest, that said the course is so much better to play nowadays, they got in a top class greens man a couple of years ago who immediately installed sprinkler systems around each of the greens, and you could see the improvements immediately, you no longer need to wear your sturdiest pair of wellies to negotiate the course itself. You actually get roll in the winter period now, which is needed on some of the more notorious holes (2nd, 7th, 12th, 15th) and of course the 1st, which has to be seen to be believed, The stars of the course are the 1st, 6th, & the 18th(which we nickname cardiac hill!!!, you'll see why when you play it) highly recommended if only once, everyone welcome and reasonable rates.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews James Arthur 05/99

    James Arthur wrote on: Apr 30, 1999

    I have been a junior member of Trent Park Golf Club for a year now, and have used the course as much as I can to drop my handicap from 36 to 22. Apart from the greens, which are suspect in places, the course is looked after well, and has challenging holes. The par 5 first sets the scene for an exciting round, with ups and downs.
    Best to play after a few days of sunshine, as it does tend to get a bit muddy in places after a shower. In April however, junior rounds went from being free to a **very very reasonable price** a round (off peak), a disappointment for the forthcoming summer holidays. I am now looking for another club to while away the hot summer afternoons on this year.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Johan Hoglund 11/98

    Johan Hoglund wrote on: Oct 31, 1998

    Cheap, friendly and only a few yards away from the Oakwood tubestation this course is something of a gem. The driving range is heated and shielded from the rain and while I waited for my tee-time, I was told that I could grab a cup of coffee in the adjacent pub, for free!
    Most of the fairways are wide, but driving off from the tee is still a test because of the hilly character of the course. Several tee shots have to travel over the small valley of Merryhills Brook and a drivefailing in distance is punished by an uphill struggle of some proportion. The final 18th hole is an undulating beauty requiring distance from the tee and accuracy on the approach shot. The one thing that marred my golfing experience was the lack of grass tees on most holes, but this might be due to the fact that I played it in March, and the greens were not in good condition.


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