Upton-by-Chester Golf Club
Upton Lane,
Chester, Cheshire CH2 1EE
Tel : (01244) 381183 Fax : (01244) 376955

Off Liverpool road

Course Details

Course Name: Upton_By_Chester Holes: 18 Yardage: 5850 SSS: 68

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  • RE: The course

    wrote on: Jul 1, 2004

    im a member of upton and i think youre an idiot because the greens now are superb, a little slower because they're new but superb. im 13 off 4 and if it is wrong to have a glf course in the middle of a housing estate then so be it but at the end of the day I bet you found it a challenge


  • The course

    Pete Brotherhood wrote on: May 28, 2004

    I live in surrey and the quality of the golf down here is very impressive indeed. I was shocked when i played this course at the lay out, being in the middle of a housing estate is really not the best place for a golf course, and the condition of the course was like something from a pay and play pitch and putt course, with poor greens and terrible fairways. However, the plus of this club is the people who are all very courteous and very respectable as members of the club, but that still doesnt mean that I am going to go back!!!
    Pete Brotherhood.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews M I Arbones O'Reilly 08/01

    M I Arbones O'Reilly wrote on: Jul 31, 2001

    I have taken up golf only a few months ago, and although I am told I have a 'lovely' swing my handicap still stands at 30 or so.
    But a week ago I decided it was time to take the bull by the horns and got a private course for the first time!
    My single-figures-handicap boyfriend was quite pleased with the state of course but all the neighbouring houses were a bit of a put-off on the first 2-4 holes. The last 8 holes are fantastic though. Personally I found 3-4 holes quite hard, 3-4 easy and the rest medium-level. Therefore my score wasn't great (but surprisingly not much worse either) and I did have an enjoyable time. Also, the other players at the course were friendly, patient and understanding with some of my not so good shots which makes a nice change from the usual sniggers.
    At £15 after 5pm I consider it quite good value. But the highlight of the afternoon has to be my near miss hole-in-one on the first hole with a 6 iron! Beginners come and try your luck too!