William Wroe Golf Club
Pennsybridge Lane,
Flixton, Greater Manchester M31 3DL
Tel : +44 (0)161 7488680

9 km southwest of Manchester, by M63 Junction 4

Course Details

Course Name: William Wroe Holes: 18 Yardage: 4395 SSS: 61

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  • Very Suprised - A little Gem !

    Jason Denton wrote on: Apr 2, 2012

    Although a short course, William Wroe is one of the northwests hidden gems in terms of municipal golf courses. The green staff do an amazing job, and the greens are better than some of the private courses around the area! Although it is short, do not be mistaken - a good test to any golfer and a perfect starting point for any junior golfers out there! - try it for yourself.


      • RE: Very Suprised - A little Gem !

        Keith wrote on: May 21, 2013

        who are you kdding!? The greens are in terrible condition, the course is littered with dogs and rubbish, and to compare it to to some nearby private courses is ludicrous!


  • William Wroe

    steve drummond wrote on: Jul 8, 2004

    This course is ideal for the beginner or the elder/younger golfer who prefers a shorter course.
    The course will be a disapointment though to more talented golfers as it is a mixture of medium lengh holes with some very short ,pitch and put type, par 3s
    Facilities are minimal.


  • William Wroe Golf club

    Andy Greig wrote on: Jul 6, 2004

    The 'Wroe' is not a course to test anyones long game, the ist and 18th are the only holes of any length. This is a fun compact muni which should take a four ball no more than 3.5 hours to plough through. The only problems that you might encounter are the tight out of bounds, the members who find it almost impossible to let anyone play through or the local scroats who have jibbed on and dont know how to play or understand the etiquette of the game (suppose you could probably say the same about any muni). Anyway, the Wroe to myself and the other three muppets who i regularly lose to are proud to say this course is, and always will be, our spititual home.


  • RE: Europe Golf courses reviews

    wrote on: May 30, 2004

    As a young golfer of only 14 years of age i still find willy wroe a challenge but i disagree with some comments, for example; the drainage system on willy wroe has almost certainly been modified as it is only a short period before the course is ready to be played on. Also i do not think that the 18th hole is that much of a challenge as, IF you are able to hit a fairway wood in the correct manner you will easily get to the green in three (this is how i have succeeded in parring that hole): 1st drive at least halfway up the fairway. 2nd shot fairway wood to the bottom of the hill or if you have good accuracy to the top of the hill onto the green the a pitch up the hill (if needed) and 1/2 putts depending on where you hit your second shot.
    I agree with everyone in the fact that it is mainly a beginner's course but it is also good for practicing when at a higher level as the course DEFINITELY has its tricks and can prove a challenge.
    I think that people should definitely try out this course.


  • William Wroe

    Mark Howard wrote on: May 25, 2004

    Willy Wroe is undoubtedly a "feel good" course with 8 par 3's. Me & my mates tend to play our first games of the season here as bit of a confidence booster. A tricky if not demanding opening par 4 hole & dubious par 4 18th with elevated green. Downsides ? Greens leave a lot to be desired !


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Julie Eden 10/01

    Julie Eden wrote on: Sep 30, 2001

    My husband having played this course quite a few times says that this is a very demanding course for the beginner (like him). You have to be straight with a lot of holes otherwise you'll get into trouble, i.e. o,o,b especially the first hole with it's stroke index of 1.
    This hole has to be one of the worst around; it's a nightmare at first. Otherwise the rest of the lesser difficult holes, mainly the back nine can be a good challenge. When faced with the eighteenth it looks daunting, very long and you can't see the green as it is raised. All in all a good course for the beginners.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Nigel Starkie 06/01

    Nigel Starkie wrote on: May 31, 2001

    After playing Willy Wroe many times, sometimes playing to even par and also sometimes playing terribly even after 20 years it still never ceases to amaze me. May I just point out that IanWhalley whom I have played round Willy Wroe on numerous occasions in reality plays off 10 and 16 is his bandit handicap.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Phil Lomand 04/01

    Phil Lomand wrote on: Mar 31, 2001

    I have just started playing the game of golf, and this is the ideal coarse to learn on. The main problem with the coarse is the drainage; it holds a lot of water and is therefore closed for long periods after heavy rain.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Ian Whalley Hdcp 16 09/00

    Ian Whalley Hdcp 16 wrote on: Aug 31, 2000

    William Wroe is a good beginners course and can be challenging when you are playing off white tees. There are a number of short par 3's on the 1st half, which if you are not careful could catch you out as you think they are too easy. I would recommend anyone to pay a visit at least once.


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