Worlebury Golf Club
Monks Hill, Worlebury,
Weston-super-Mare, Somerset BS22 5SX
Tel : +44 (0)1934 623214 Fax : +44 (0)1934 625789

3 km northeast of Weston, off A370

Course Details

Course Name: Worlebury Holes: 18 Yardage: 5963 SSS: 69

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  • Europe Golf courses reviews Andy Jenner 7/02

    Andy Jenner wrote on: Jun 30, 2002

    Since writing my original review of Worlebury GC a couple of years ago, I
    have had the opportunity to return to England many times and enjoy this
    challenging golf course again . I continue to relish the contrast this golf
    course offers over the courses I play in Texas. The weather is often a
    factor, which places a premium on shot making, it has some fantastic holes
    and I am still distracted by the truly stunning views. I really like this
    course and would heartily recommend it to anybody from the beginner to
    advanced player. If the opportunity presents itself, play Worlebury GC, you
    won't regret it.
    I have also spent more time at the clubhouse on these subsequent visits and
    I feel compelled to retract my previous statement regarding the membership
    at Worlebury. A single negative interaction with one individual years ago
    motivated me to paint all the members with the same brush, and obviously,
    this is completely unfair. Let me say this, my experiences in the clubhouse
    and with the members since that time, have delighted me as much as the
    course has. Without exception the reception has been warm and friendly. So,
    after your round at Worlebury, spend some time in the club house and enjoy
    some genuine hospitality.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews James Skinner 7/02

    James Skinner wrote on: Jun 30, 2002

    I agree with Andy Jenner Worlebury golf club has an excellent course with some challenging holes. Each time I play the course it plays different.
    If the wind is up it can become murderous, making short par three very difficult to hit and on the other side, par fives easy to reach in two. The wind off the Bristol Channel can at times hold a ball in flight.
    If it raining the course takes on another twist the ground and greens can flood as the granite rock underneath slowly trickles the water away and within 1 hour of the rain stopping the course will show no signs of flooding.
    There is one side to Andy’s remarks about the stuffiness of the club house I must disagree with. Being a members club I have found them as friendly and welcoming as any modern day golf club. I can only assume that Andy had a bad moment.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Andy Jenner 01/00

    Andy Jenner wrote on: Dec 31, 1999

    Although Worlebury is not particularly long golf course at 5963 yards par 69, it is a good challenge. The greens are small and there are some truly challenging holes. For example number nine plays into the wind coming off the Bristol Channel and is long with a small sunken green. Miss the green and you're looking at double bogey. The real fun comes at numbers seventeen and eighteen.
    Seventeen is a long par four, narrow fairway and small green.It does play with the wind, but beware, errant shots will be penalised with long rough to the right and out of bounds to the left. Also it is easy to be distracted by the best panoramic views of the Bristol Channel on the entire course. Eighteen is also a whopper of a par four into the wind, with a hidden green that cannot be seen from the fairway. So, the second shot is a blind long iron or fairway wood.
    The front nine predominantly plays with the wind, while the back nine plays
    against it. Beware, it's always windy!
    One of the real pleasures at Worlebury is the fact that it sits on top of Worlebury Hill and provides incredible views of the Bristol Channel to the west and Mendip hills to the east.
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