Golf Du Cap d'Agde
4 Ave des Alizes
34300 Cap d'Agde
Tel : 04 67 26 54 40 Fax : 04 67 26 97 00

Golf Du Cap D'Agde has been opened since 1989. Golf Du Cap D'Agde large very varied championship course, hilly, with natural water hazards, has been designed by Ronald Fream, one of the greatest architects in the world - with some long par 5 and greens jealously protected by bunkers you'll not forget.

The clubhouse, where installations have been fully renovated, including the Pro-Shop and the restaurant are some of the best in the region. The improvements are both remarkable and remarked upon. Service is as effective as ever with very competitive prices (even compared to supermarkets). Regarding the restaurant, the simplicity of local fare is the best guarantee when recommending a table without fear of disappointment.

Hotels in the area
Hotel Alizes** 10 Ave des Alizes, Cap d'Agde, Tel - 04 67 26 77 80 Fax - 04 67 01 26 01
Hotel Azur** 18 Ave des Isles d'Amerique, Cap d'Agde, Tel - 04 67 26 98 22 Fax - 04 67 26 48 14
Hotel Capao*** Ave des Corsaires, Cap d'Agde, Tel - 04 67 26 99 44 Fax - 04 67 26 55 41
Hotel Du Golf*** Tel - 3 Ave Passeur Challies, Cap d'Agde Tel - 04 67 26 87 03 ; Fax - 04 67 26 26 89
VVF Vacances Ave de la Butte; Tel - 04 67 26 16 33 ; Fax 04 67 26 27 75

Exit Agde, Cap d'Adge, Mail de Rochelongue

Information herein provided by the club 20 April 00.
Course Details

Course Name: International Course Holes: 18 Yardage: SSS:
The international course starts with a limbering -up par 4 with a raised green, leading to the 2nd, par 5, where the trouble starts if you are too ambitious.
Holes 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 bring us back onto the flat with a lot of bunkers, water obstacles and 'out of bounds'. The 8th par 5 is the most difficult, combining water and sand before coming to a very hard narrow green. The 9th, par 4 leads back to the clubhouse via a pond, three bunkers and a raised green. The neat 9 holes are on the flat.

After the 10th, a par 4 with a dogleg on the right, the 11th is a long par 3 of 190 metres and the 12th, par 4, will trip you up on the if you are not careful. The same applies to the 13th, a small par 3. The 15th, par 5 is the longest of all and therein lies its difficulty, for many are impressed by the distance (555 metres of white, 529 of yellow) they go for the kill and their strokes fall short. The 16th, a par 4 gives a little respite, while the 17th, a 455 metre, yellow par 5, prepares us for the 18th, hcp 2, a 357 metre yellow, par 4, which is a real challenge.
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Course Name: Pitch and Putt Holes: 9 Yardage: SSS:
This compact course is carefully designed to give novices a really good training ground.
This course of 9 holes, between 40 and 1`40 cm each in length, is situated on a relatively undulating ground. The length of the holes without scaring the beginners allows the advanced players to improve their accuracy. Bunkers protect only three greens; the most difficult one is the third. It is very narrow and it has two trees in the middle of the fairway that will not allow any fault on the left.
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