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Reader: Belfast trip given great start at Ormeau Golf Club

We recently played at Ormeau Golf Club in Belfast, Ireland with a group of nine people from Holland. We enjoyed a wonderful weekend in Belfast. But we were particularly delighted with the warm welcome from those at Ormeau: Their pro and caddie master, had arranged for golf sets, shoes and even trousers for us to play nine holes.

We loved the Ormeau golf course, so uniquely located in the heart of the city, and greatly enjoyed our round on a beautiful autumn day. Several of Ormeau's club members invited us for pints in the back bar afterwards and soon Irish and Dutch jokes were exchanged, as well as welcome tips for sightseeing both in Amsterdam and Belfast.

Indeed, it was a wonderful and spirited start of our trip to Belfast. If they ever come to Amsterdam I hope they don't hesitate to contact me - so I can return the honor - to play golf or just meet to have a drink.

Lodewijk van Pol

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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