Joe Carr (1922 - )

Born Dublin, Ireland, Joe Carr is oneJoe Carr of the most successful amateurs in the history of golf. He is remembered for his true passion for the game and for putting Ireland on the golfing map.

Given that Carr's father was manager at Portmarnock, we can reliably assume that Joe was exposed to golf from an early age. Indeed by 14, he was playing off scratch and by 17 had a 1+ handicap. It wasn't long before he won several regional championships and indeed went on to win almost every Irish amateur tournament. Strangely, he did not turn professional and remained an amateur throughout his career.

At one time he was considered the best amateur golfer in the world. He represented Ireland and Great Britain 10 times in the Walker Cup (twice as Captain). He consistently represented Ireland in every golf tournament including the World Cup which is normally reserved for professionals.

Carr always associated himself with Sutton rather than Portmarnock. Thanks to Carr whether by inspiration or tuition, Sutton went on to produce many fine Irish golfers. In recognition of his achievements, he is honourary member of about 30 clubs worldwide. He is also a member of Augusta and St Andrews.

He claims that his greatest moment in golf came when his son, Roddy, successfully competed in the 1971 Walker Cup. Carr picked the occasion to retire from competitive golf thus ending a career spanning 49 years.

Carr career's is evidence that the amateur game can be as exciting as the professional game. Ireland is proud of Joe Carr