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Scotland's Royal Dornoch: Just one of the fabled courses you can virtually visit with our golf podcasts.
Scotland's Royal Dornoch: Just one of the fabled courses you can virtually visit with our golf podcasts. (GolfPublisher.com)

Tune in to European golf travel with free podcasts

By GolfPublisher Staff,
Staff Report

Podcasts are just like any radio show you listen to in your car on the way to work. The only difference is you choose when to listen to them, unlike conventional radio where you're at the mercy of the station's programming schedule.

Today it's become popular for people to download a podcast to their portable MP3 player and listen to it on the subway or commuter train, or walking to work in the morning. Nearly all podcasts can be downloaded for free and have few or no commercials. They vary in length from a few minutes to an hour or more.

All it takes is a computer, an Internet connection and some speakers. You download a podcast as would an MP3 from iTunes or any other file-sharing program. You can save a podcast to your hard drive and play it as often as you like, or open it from the source site and just listen once.

The following podcasts related to golf travel in Europe are available for free.

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  • Golf Amnesia

    Bob Penett wrote on: Oct 23, 2009

    My wife and I recorded a comedy CD entitled Golf Amnesia. What makes our project a bit different is that it addresses the problem of lying and cheating while playing a reportable round. Unfortunately, there is no way of guaranteeing accurate score keeping, as in say bowling, but we feel there needs to be more emphasis onPLAYING the Truth. There are so many players making up there own rules that when someone tells you what they shot you immediately wonder what they really shot! Maybe there should be an official set of rules for recreational players. Surely part time golfers see the inequity of having to go back and re-hit a ball lost in the second cut on a busy Sunday at their home course while spotters and dozens of fans find the pro's wayward tee shots on TV.
    Let me know if you would like to have some of our songs emailed to you for free.
    Hope you enjoy them,
    Bob Penett