Willie Park Jnr (1864 - 1925)

Born Musselburgh, Scotland,Willie Park Jnr Park is remembered as one of the greatest golfers and course designers of the last century. His story and the story of his father, Wille, and uncle, Mungo, are an integral part of golf's heritage.

Park was fortunate to be born the son of Willie Park Snr who was one of the most prolific golfers of his time. His father won the Open four times and had a successful ball and club making business. Park carried on in his father's footsteps and won the Open in 1887 and 1889. His long game was sometimes poor but he had an excellent short game, more often than not, compensated and brought him victory. In 1899, he played Harry Vardon in a challenge match at North Berwick which attracted a crowd of 10,000 thus necessitating extra trains to be made available.

He successfully saw the family ball and club making business through the transition from 'featherie' to 'guttie' golf balls. As golf's popularity grew with the industrial railways and spread of the railways, Park managed to establish a lucrative export trade. In 1886, he published The Game Of Golf, the first complete book on golf by a professional.

However, Parks enduring legacy is the collection of excellent golf courses which he designed and built around the world. He was a pioneer of parkland courses at a time when golf courses were traditionally built along the coast. Park designed approximately 170 courses in Europe, America and Canada including Sunningdale, Berkshire.

A great golfer, an outstanding designer and pioneer, Wille Park's place in golf's history is assured