Beckenham Place Park Golf Club
Beckenham Hill Road,
Beckenham, Kent BR3 2BP
Tel : +44(0) 181 650 2292 Fax : +44(0) 181 663 1201

Off A21 on A222

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Public course

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Course Name: Beckenham Place Park Holes: 18 Yardage: 5722 SSS: 68

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  • Beckenham Place Park Public Golf Course to close end October2016

    James Davies wrote on: Oct 16, 2016

    Help Community Trust fight golf closure #SaveBeckenhamPlacePark


  • A great course for a game !!

    Gary Mitchell wrote on: Sep 25, 2013

    Beckenham GC was the first course I visited as a young child. Hence the reason as to why this is my favourite golf course and I play it once a week on average.
    The course has improved in my opinion over the last few years. The greens are always in excellent condition, with only a few pitch marks to complain about on some greens, which isn't the fault of Beckenham, just us golfers. The fairways are always in good condition too. So there isn't any complaints on my behalf. Also glad to see that they've smartened the tee's up with yardage boards recently. I would like to see more ball cleaning facilities around the course along with a air machine that can clean the grass & mud of your golf shoes at the end of your round.
    The bar is very good as well and is much better now it stays open longer hours. But the food is average and very pricey.


  • pay for what u get

    goody wrote on: May 18, 2013

    nice start to the course, with lots watching you tee off!! the best holes i believe are the 16th to 18th, with the 16th being my favourite.
    i payed £9 for my round and u cannot grumble, but does anyone know where u can obtain cheap golf buggy hire!


  • Beckenham golf

    John Beckwith wrote on: Apr 21, 2011

    Great course learnt to play golf there in the late 60s early 70s .Sid Champion was the top golfer in those days ,I believe he shot a gross 61 which probably still stands as a course record today.


  • Beckenham Golf Club

    Danny Brewer wrote on: Jan 10, 2004

    The fairway has just been relaid so it will be a pleasure in the summer. Greens are ok for winter but in summer again it improves. Its an enjoyable course, very busy at times. Get an earlier tee off time if possible.


      • RE: Beckenham Golf Club

        Howard Jeffcoat wrote on: Aug 1, 2004

        Mr. Brewer, I am an 78 year old guy (who can still play a little) and live in Hays, Kansas, USA.
        With no particular purpose I was crusing the net and stumbled across Beckenham Place Park Golf Club and noticed your message and and other information about the club. I was dismayed by the comments that were left by some of the people who had played the course. I played there a couple dozen times in the late 1950's and I recall the course being in excellent condition and a very interesting track with huge trees. Not very long but good. The pro at the time was Tom Cotton. I always played with him and a guy who worked at Simpsons. Also, a little guy who was a club maker that worked there played with us sometimes. I was flying with Trans World Airlines at the time and usually bid the London turn so I could play there.
        I remember a neat pub near the train station that was great fun. They liked the "Yank who could shoot darts". I could compete with their best.
        Thanks for listening.
        Howard Jeffcoat
        3307 Elm Street
        Hays, KS 67601
        USA Member: Smokey Hill Country Club, our local course.


          • RE: RE: Beckenham Golf Club

            malcolm henley wrote on: Oct 12, 2004

            Good day Howard,
            I was browsing and read your comments about Beckenham Place Golf.I`ll put your mind at rest and tell that nothing much has changed--you could probably still play it in your sleep.
            I was interested to see that you had played with Tommy Cotton.Did you know that the golf franchise was taken over by Geoff Cotten-a much respected teaching pro?Do you suppose,and it seems too coincidental,that they were related?
            I see that you are 74 years young and I would expect that you may have played with Geoff also.
            Kind regards,
            Malcolm of Belvedere


          • RE: RE: Beckenham Golf Club

            Jamie Talmage wrote on: Aug 18, 2004

            Agree with your comments. This is good course, one of the best public courses in South London. I hear there have plans to do up the club house


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Ben Guilfoyle 04/02

    Ben Guilfoyle wrote on: Mar 31, 2002

    A very enjoyable course to play and one that provides some tough and challenging holes. It has one of the longest par 3's in Europe, the 5th hole, which requires a great tee shot if you want to stay level for the hole. I play the course a lot and I have found that, if you know it well, it is open for you to shoot very low scores. I shot a 75 at the age of 15 in which I was 2 under after 4 holes. Still, the challenge of the last 4 holes is always something to look forward to!


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Subash Vasudevan 02/02

    Subash Vasudevan wrote on: Jan 31, 2002

    A very enjoyable course to play. The opening hole is a delightful introduction [all the better if your tee shot makes it past the ditch!]. If there is one drawback it would be the tee off areas, which are uneven and devoid of grass on many of the holes. The sixteenth hole is a sight to behold, driving from an elevated tee. All in all it's a great course...only if they re-laid the tee off areas it would make it an excellent one.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews James Morris 6/00

    James Morris wrote on: May 31, 2000

    A thoroughly stunning course, and one which I will surely play again sometime. The rough is quite heavy, so bring all your balls with you. The greens were in mint condition and some of the holes will pose testing for even the most experienced and capable golfers out there. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who plays golf and knows the game well like myself


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Jon Eide 11/98

    Jon Eide wrote on: Oct 31, 1998

    Great public course! The greens are beatiful also through the winter. Definetely the most accessible course if you do not have a car (Train from Victoria, 15 minutes 10 minute walk) Cheap pro shop.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Daniel Berry 11/98

    Daniel Berry wrote on: Oct 31, 1998

    A very good public course, good greens, some challenging holes if a little short. A couple of Par 5's short of an excellent course. Very busy at weekends, well worth making the effort for. Good pro shop, shame about the catering facilities.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Scott Rosie 10/98

    Scott Rosie wrote on: Sep 30, 1998

    Excellent value for money public course. It continues to improve year on year. The greens are now in excellent shape, and would put some private courses to shame. A fairly short course, but with a testing final four holes that can quite often ruin a promising score. Wholeheartedly recommended.


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