Billingham Golf Club
Sandy Lane,
Billingham, Durham TS22 5NA
Tel : +44 (0)1642 554494 Fax : +44 (0)1642 533816

Western boundary of Billingham by A19, east of bypass

Course Details

Course Name: Billingham Holes: 18 Yardage: 6430 SSS: 71

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  • Europe Golf courses reviews Paul Evans 08/01

    Paul Evans wrote on: Jul 31, 2001

    I am a current JNR member of Billingham and I think the course is set really well. There are a few blind holes and is a bit hilly but all round the greens are very good and well looked after as well as the fairways. Billingham is a very good course to play at.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Liam Casson Hdcp 7 08/01

    Liam Casson Hdcp 7 wrote on: Jul 31, 2001

    I am an Ex Jnr Member of Billingham and won the junior open with a 72 in 2000 representing Eaglescliffe. A good course which has come on greatly in the past 5 years. Some bad blind shots and be advised don't aim at the black and white markers ask a member for a good line. Billingham allows you to play every shot in golf because of all the slopes. Single figure handicap golfers may find it easy to score well as it has some quite short holes and slow but true greens.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Ralph Nicholson, hdcp 11 01/00

    Ralph Nicholson, hdcp 11 wrote on: Dec 31, 1999

    Billingham is a hilly Parkland course with water in the form of ponds, ditches and streams on many holes. There are many mature trees and the 2500 or so young trees recently planted will, in the near future, produce a very tight demanding test. At present the degree of difficulty is enhanced (?) by the many blind shots.
    Thanks to the course manager and his staff the course is in excellent condition, one drawback however is the fact that winter greens are brought in to play quite a lot, this is compensated for by the excellent condition of the greens themselves.
    Bordered by farmland to the west and the town of Billingham to the east there are some fine views across Teesside away to the North York Moors in the distance, (this includes some of the heavy industry of course though not as much as you might expect).
    All in all this is a friendly club with an interesting and testing course that any golfer would enjoy a trip to.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Steven Presho 06/99

    Steven Presho wrote on: May 31, 1999

    Hi all,
    Billingham Golf Club is made on one of the biggest slopes ever for a golf course, good looking course and I would tell anyone to play here. I am playing there in a junior open.