Bootle Golf Club
Dunuings Bridge Road,,
Litherland, Merseyside L30 2PP
Tel : +44(0) 151 9286196

7 km north of Liverpool (A565)

Course Details

Course Name: Bootle Holes: 18 Yardage: 6362 SSS: 70

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  • Bootle Golf Course

    Bob Anderton wrote on: Aug 1, 2010



  • Bootle Golf course Summer 2010

    Terry McDonald wrote on: Jun 28, 2010

    The course is as challenging as ever, and the change of order of the holes has made for a mixed up challenge - the driving range looks like it will make the course even better in terms of customer experience and th new clubhouse is a welcome edition. The green are immaculate


  • bootle golf course

    jimi wrote on: Jun 17, 2009

    oh dear its a disaster area, the management will just not water the greens for fear of the cost as a result the greens are awful, bumpy and untrue, if they dont get water this year they will crack open, the course should never have been taken from the council control, it was fantastic back then. these are the words of staff at the course that the management are useless so is it any wonder the place is a tip. shame as it used to be a great course.


  • bootle

    wayne morgan wrote on: Mar 21, 2004

    bootle is a shit course i only go because itis close 2 my house


  • bootle

    Peter wrote on: Mar 21, 2004

    bootle is a great course with some challenging hols i personally rate it 8 out of 10


  • RE: bootle

    wrote on: Mar 17, 2004

    i agree 100%


  • bootle

    josh wrote on: Jan 30, 2004

    bootle is a good course an will be even better when the driving range is built. it will make a huge difference to the course and will make the course even more of a challenge


      • Bootle Golf Course

        Dave wrote on: Jul 24, 2004

        Just played it today-my first time on a proper course-I'm 14. It's a good course with each hole a new challenge. I shot 110-40 over-but I managed a decent round for a beginner.
        The course is excellent but some troublemakers somehow sneaked in and blocked my way on one hole but eventually moved. Security needs to be upped but the course is excellent on general.
        I look forward to going again next week.


  • member

    mark wrote on: Oct 16, 2003

    how much is it to be a member at bootle.thanks mark.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Anthony Molloy 01/01

    Anthony Molloy wrote on: Dec 31, 2000

    I think this course is very challenging, I liked the course so I decided to become a member there, it was very cheap for juniors as well. My handicap is 36 and coming down slowly. But I do not care what my handicap is as long as I enjoy playing if want to contact me email me at the address below.


      • RE: Europe Golf courses reviews Anthony Molloy 01/01

        frances collins wrote on: Aug 2, 2009

        hello my name in frances i am looking to find my friend dennis pau who i would like to know if he is ok fran x


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Peter Halsall 05/99

    Peter Halsall wrote on: Apr 30, 1999

    I live across the road from the course and am a very keen golfer, I think this course is very testing in some places but quite simple in other areas. It has testing holes such as the par 3, 5th, par 4, 7th and the par 5, 15th. The easy holes are the par 3,1st, and the par 3, 11th.
    With being a young keen golfer I am desperate to get a handicap so I have decided to become a member. This course is well worth the money that you pay to play and I recommend it to anyone.


      • RE: Europe Golf courses reviews Peter Halsall 05/99

        alan speed wrote on: Jan 6, 2011

        i have played at bootle for years,and i think bootle is a great course.but progress has to go on if you can put with it you can still have a great game.


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