Burnham-on-Crouch Golf Club
Ferry Road, Creeksea,
Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex CMO 8PQ
Tel : +44 (0)1621 782282 Fax : +44 (0)1621 782282

2 km west of Bumham

Course Details

Course Name: Burnham On Crouch Holes: 18 Yardage: 6056 SSS: 69

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  • Burnham Golf Course

    John Lamarre wrote on: Dec 17, 2005

    Is the little pond still on the golf course I used to fish it as a young child in the late fifties ,the sheep used to roam free in those old days and many a summer day was spent fishing the little pond, with a bamboo cane from Mathews hardware on Station Road and a bent pin for a hook,As a child I used to deliver papers every morning from Burnham ,starting along Maldon road and finishing right at the bottom of creeksea road where it stopped at the waters edge.then I used to bike home along the sea wall.O well! in those days only the rich with the plus fours could afford Green fees.How times have changed.Well I have lived in North America for well over 35 years and surfing came across your web site. It brought back such lovely memories.


      • RE: Burnham Golf Course

        dennis hill wrote on: Oct 18, 2009

        john the pond is still on the first hole. we are now 18 holes now have 5 ponds


          • RE: RE: Burnham Golf Course

            John Lamarre wrote on: Apr 22, 2011

            Many years have passed since I weote the comment (2005)
            Im wondering if you are the same Dennis Hill I was at school with in the fifties, I now live in British Columbia Canada and spend six months of the year at my other home in Florida USA, Give me a shout! Dennis,I Was down at Burnam about five years ago, I must say how disapointed I was, as to how shabby the clock tower and surounding area looked after all these years,not like when we were Kids and people took pride in their town. Remember Burnham Carnival Wow!
            John in Vancouver


          • RE: RE: Burnham Golf Course

            Peter Alliss wrote on: Jul 13, 2010

            Dennis Hill has hit so many balls in the water they call him 5 Ponds Hill


  • Your Course Details

    Ricky Bindahnee wrote on: Feb 29, 2004

    Unless I've missed finding the right buttons it would appear from your website that you have advertised every golf course on earth except details of your own course


      • RE: Your Course Details

        Roy scally wrote on: Oct 17, 2004

        Hi Ricky, hope this message reaches you. Remember our early days at Hainult GC. Me being roy Scally, David Dongworth & Stuart.Played Burnham last wednesday for the 1st. time with my society ( LOvely course )
        It would be nice to hear from you again to catch up on old times.
        Best regards Roy


  • Europe Golf courses reviews David Williams 01/00

    David Williams wrote on: Dec 31, 1999

    You won't be disappointed by a visit to this friendly and attractive club. Some of the views over the River Crouch are quite stunning but if the wind blows it could prove tricky. The course gives the impression of being benign - but that's just to fool you. You need careful club selection to get a reasonable score and in a county which has a lot of flat courses, this is surprisingly hilly. And watch the water!


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