Chelmsford Golf Club
Chelmsford, Essex CM2 9AP
Tel : +44 (0)1245 256483 Fax : +44 (0)1245 256483

Chelmsford Golf ClubDirections
Off A1016 at Widford roundabout

Course Details

Course Name: Chelmsford Holes: 18 Yardage: 5981 SSS: 69

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  • Europe Golf courses reviews Timothy Worrall 05/00

    Timothy Worrall wrote on: Apr 30, 2000

    I went to play Chelmsford very recently, and it was a wonderful morning's golf. The greens are immaculate, the fairways wide enough for my standard, and overall I was impressed.
    However, the 'snootiness' of the club, well advertised to me before I went, really took something off the day. At the value of the green fees, I would at least expect a little courtesy from staff (and even members), but I was treated by all with a dismissive 'we really wish you weren't here' attitude. I was told off for wearing trainers in the clubhouse (of course, normally I would wear a dress suit to a golf club); and then because my waterproofs were too long, I tucked them in my socks for comfort - I was accosted by a member who told me off. (In the nicest possible way, I must admit). I spent much of the day holding my breath and counting to ten.
    In conclusion, I would like to know when they filmed the Audi advert here (you know the one I mean), and I would only recommend it to patient people who can just smile and just enjoy golf on a interesting and well kept course.


      • RE: Europe Golf courses reviews Timothy Worrall 05/00

        nick horne wrote on: Aug 4, 2006

        i am a cadet member of chelmsford golf club and i belive golf is one of only a small amount of sports were , presentation, dignity and prowess are a big part and i belive that these traditions of golf should live on and be inforced by members and staff of every golf coarse. and alll rules should be kept by all players of the sport.


          • RE: RE: Europe Golf courses reviews Timothy Worrall 05/00

            Kaiser Sousa wrote on: Apr 14, 2008

            To Nich Horne: I also firmly believe that learning to spell (it's enforced not inforced, golf course not golf coarse, alll?? etc, etc), those are the real signs of good presentation, dignity, a solid valubale and traditional upbringing.
            But then again certain golf clubs pay attention to the surface, superficial values instead of individual worth.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Michael Maher 04/99

    Michael Maher wrote on: Mar 31, 1999

    I was a member of Chelmsford Golf Club for a number of years back in the 1960's where I managed to get down to a 14 handicap.
    While it is a shortish course I have always believed it to be among the best I have ever played and on a windy day quite a challenging course. I now live in Australia and only play the occasional round of social golf but I still have fond memories of my years at Chelmsford. If anybody at the club reads this and remembers me...I wish them well.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Michael Haddock 11/98

    Michael Haddock wrote on: Oct 31, 1998

    The Chelmsford course has some of the best, and fastest, greens in Essex. It is laid out across a valley, which is used well in protecting the greens in what is otherwise a fairly short course.