Chiddingfold Golf Club
Pertworth Road,
Chiddingfold, Surrey GU8 4SL
Tel : +44 (0)1428 685888 Fax : +44 (0)1428 685939

On A283 between Petworth and Guildford

Further Information
General Manager - Mrs F Pascolini.

Course Details

Course Name: Chiddingfold Holes: 18 Yardage: 5482 SSS: 67

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  • Chiddingfold Is Terrible

    Gordon Kenmuir wrote on: Apr 8, 2010

    This course used to be beautiful. My friends and I played it regularly and it was worth the drive to get there, but clearly it has fallen on hard times and the ownership seems to be doing very little to resolve it.
    They sold the clubhouse as a private residence, but I guess that the debts were already so big that there was no money left to spend, because clearly they haven't invested in the course in a VERY, VERY long time.
    The fairways hadn't been cut in forever. The greens look like they have been treated for moss or weeds, but no seed has been planted so they are very bare. The bunkers not only hadn't been raked in months, but they didn't actually have any rakes in them either. The 18th as mentioned is a work in progress but was supposed to be finished last summer, so there really is no excuse.
    The reason one of the other reviewers maybe thought that the greens had been used for chipping is that was likely the only way to get around the the mounds of dirt and rabbit holes that existed on pretty much every green.
    The owner needs to take a hard look at his thought processes. Instead of sitting in his new little clubhouse, maybe he should install an honesty box and ask people to pay what they feel it is worth, and be honest about the condition of the course when you make a reservation (which he wasn't despite saying he was when my buddy made the reservation). He could install a little cooler outside with an honesty box and a price list there, and even do the same in the club house for balls and stuff to make a bit of extra cash.
    That way he could actually be out on the course mowing the firways, tending the greens, etc instead of pracing around in his slacks and pringle sweater. It aint gonna fix itself, he is going to have to find a way to be more creative, but I fear he has simply thrown in the towel.
    I did hear he wants to lease it for 40,000GBP a year, but you will need many times that to invest in the repairs, maybe even close it for a season to give it recovery time. Maybe he should lease it for a buck, and let the new lessor rent for a couple of years free to rebuild.


      • RE: Chiddingfold Is Terrible

        mark upton wrote on: Oct 3, 2010

        Gordon; you were probably one of the last peple to play Chiddingfold before it was taken over by Cowdray Park and your comments were fully justified however four of us played the course on 17th September and the tansformation is quite amazing.The tees are slowly improving the fairways are excellent and the greens are truly remarkable.Isuggest that pay another visit because for £15 you wont find better value any where.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews James Tolfree 05/01

    James Tolfree wrote on: Apr 30, 2001

    At Chiddingfold you will find a pleasant and relaxing round of golf. I've played it about four times now and the great thing about it is that it doesn't seem to get too crowded (Great for beginners and us high handicappers who don't want to make our mistakes in front of a virtual gallery!)
    On the face of it, it looks quite short, but it is no less challenging than a course 1,000 yards it's senior. The 9th and 11th Tees offer the chance to drive straight to stop short of greens around 300 yards downhill from the tees for a pitch to the greens over a ditch. My favourite hole has got to be the 15th. A par 4 dogleg left over a ravine, with water waiting to swallow a duffel shot. Catch it right though and it proves most satisfying (especially for left-handers with a slight slice!).
    The clubhouse is comfortable with good 'pub-grub' and pleasant enough beer.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Richard Riddell, hdcp 15 01/00

    Richard Riddell, hdcp 15 wrote on: Dec 31, 1999

    The staff in the Pro-shop are very welcoming and the course has stood up well to the wet weather of recent months. The card shows the course to be 5199 off the yellow tees and we all know short means easy!
    Sorry to disappoint but it isn't. A bit of local knowledge is helpful as even on the first hole, a 475 yard par 5 you are hard pushed to keep the ball on the fairway.
    The second hole is deceptively easy but trees ahead of the tee, trap the unwary and bunkers to the right beckon. The green is protected by two bunkers at the front with out of bounds menacingly close behind. This is only index 5.
    The course continues like this with some very interesting holes. If you don't like deep gullies with trees left and right and a pond ready to collect loose shots you will not like the 14th. On the other hand if you hit a good straight shot slightly to the left, on this index 1 dogleg then a par is easily achievable.
    The greens are receptive and very positive. You can go for it every time but the pin positions add an extra dimension.
    Views from the 9th and 16 tees are spectacular and the clubhouse had a good range of quality food and good beers.