Cocksford Golf Club
Tadcaster, North Yorkshire LS24 9NG
Tel : +44 (0)1937 834253 Fax : +44 (0)1937 834253

2 km south of Tadcaster

Course Details

Course Name: Cocksford Holes: 18 Yardage: 5570 SSS: 69

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  • sale of

    ste wrote on: Oct 30, 2003

    good ridance


  • RE: Europe Golf courses reviews Andrew Grabowski 01/00

    wrote on: Oct 29, 2003

    Unfortunately, Cocksford is to be no more from the end of 2003. The owner has reportedly sold the back nine to become gallops and the front nine to a wealthy person who intends to keep it as a golf course for his own use.
    The top of the clubhouse has already been converted into 4 apartments and these have been on the market at around £260k. They appaer to have been sold.
    I understand that the new owner of the front nine intends to use the bottom of the clubhouse as a dwelling and has applied for planning permission.
    This is a very sad state of affairs and a lovely little course will be lost forever.
    Shame on the owners for allowing this to happen.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Rich Ellis 6/01

    Rich Ellis wrote on: May 31, 2001

    Played there 05/06/2001 using 2 fore 1 vouchers, so only cost £9 for the round. It's a short course but one that makes you think about your shots and they have designed the course with this in mind, hence the number of dog legs.
    Good greens and some interesting holes 6th and 12th spring to mind made it an enjoyable round. Peaceful location and only a handful of people on the course meant that 18 holes was played in 3hrs.
    Good facilities and well worth a try.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Malcolm Durney 04/01

    Malcolm Durney wrote on: Mar 31, 2001

    Re Mr Grabowski's comments:
    As a member I agree with his comments apart from the number of Dog Legs. There are 9 not 13 or 14. Five of these are a result of the 'beck' which is a natural and pleasant feature of the course and offers a tough examination of peoples accuracy off the tee. Another 'Dog Leg' is a blind tee shot over the corner of a field and again offers an interesting feature on the course, (and proved a highlight for many of the guests I have taken round the course). Cocksford is not the longest course in the world but
    offers an excellent test of a golfers largest muscle, the brain.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Andrew Grabowski 01/00

    Andrew Grabowski wrote on: Dec 31, 1999

    Very warm and friendly club, holding a good amount of potential for development. The course has a great deal of history, being built on a historic battle-ground from which many of the holes get their names. General course condition is pretty good with reasonable drainage to cope with the Yorkshire weather.
    Some interesting and testing holes but far too many 'dog legs'. 13 or 14 of the holes are dog legs and if that's what you like then you'll enjoy it. For the rest of us it is worth a round, then decide for yourself.
    P.S. Excellent food for those who enjoy a bite before or after a game.