Etchinghill Golf Club
Canterbury Road,
Etchinghill, Kent CT18 8FA
Tel : +44 (0)1303 863863 Fax : +44 (0)1303 863210

1 km north of M20 Junction 12 on B2065

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Driving range and 9 hole par 3 course also

Course Details

Course Name: Etchinghill Holes: 18 Yardage: 6147 SSS: 69

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    albert snelson wrote on: Oct 8, 2011

    i read the reviews posted here,and visited this golf course with some trepidation,out of the 18 pepole we took on short notice to this club.some who are members of royal saint georges princes.and cinqe ports,not one had a bad word to say about not only the course the greens or the staff.if you can not enjoy your golf in this wonderfull piece of kent country side the you need to think about changing your chosen past time.i would expect to pay a lot more for the quality that we yourself a favour and go and try it out,you will not be dissapointed..


  • RE: RE: Treatment

    wrote on: Jun 30, 2004

    >The Warden you mention is and always has been a perfect Gentleman . He is NEVER aggressive .
    >If there was a fault , it was you for not checking your tickets.
    >Oh and the course is excellent.
    You are clearly on drugs or talking about a completely different course.
    I am a tour player of 15 years standing and the course is very poor indeed.


  • RE: RE: awful etchinghill

    wrote on: Jun 25, 2004

    >I have to agree - go elsewhere, anywhere!!
    A tad harsh but it is not the best - a poor mans course really - good for old boys who like a stroll!!


  • RE: awful etchinghill

    wrote on: Jun 25, 2004

    I have to agree - go elsewhere, anywhere!!


  • awful etchinghill

    disgusted golfer wrote on: Jun 25, 2004

    I would not recommend this golf course or the club to any serious golfer.
    There are alot better, friendly courses in the Kent area - offering much better value for money.
    This is the weakest link in the Pentland group - nowhere near the same league as The Ridge for example.
    The course is weak, no real challenges for a competent player - more of a test for someone starting,used to pitch and putt or a society hacker.
    The greens are in a very poor condition-frequently covered in sand. The tees are bumpy and often covered in divots from the above mentioned hackers.
    The pro shop is nicely presented but very pricey.
    I was astonished at the lack of courtesy shown to visitors and the rudness of staff - very similar complaint to one shown below.
    Customers are key to a succesful business.
    Overall too many negatives and a thumbs down - give the course a few more years to fully mature.


  • RE: Treatment

    wrote on: Jun 22, 2004

    The Warden you mention is and always has been a perfect Gentleman . He is NEVER aggressive .
    If there was a fault , it was you for not checking your tickets.
    Oh and the course is excellent.


  • RE: Treatment

    wrote on: May 9, 2004

    u were only treated as that probably because u shuld of checked the tickets and pay n play golfers most prob hackers never let ppl through and the person in the buggy is known as a course warden and its his job to cheak if you have paid and if there aint a ticket to say that well im afraid its ur fault mate


  • Treatment

    Dave wrote on: May 3, 2004

    Sunday 01/05/04
    My wife and the rest of our family myself son aged 12 and my daughter aged 10 booked to play etching hill, we arrived and the course steward wanted to know our intentions in a very aggresive way, we told him that we were playing golf and a buggy had been booked for my wife and daughter, he then said that there had been an incident with a 8 year old in a buggy and he was checking to see if my daughter would be driving?
    we paid and had finished the 2nd hole when he came flying accross the course in his buggy (in a dangerous manner in my opinion) and asked to see our tickets, the girl in reception had made a mistake and only charged for the buggy and two players not three, he told us to remove our selves from the course once again in an aggessive manner, i returned to reception in a very bad mood an had an argument with the staff, i then left but my wife stayed to ask what the problem was, she was told that the steward had made an on the spot decision that we looked like we could not pay the extra?
    my advice to any one going to etchinghill for the first time is check your tickets, dress, wallet and how you arrive as £4000 worth of golf clubs £30000 worth of car and a wallet with plenty of cash is not good enough for this club steward his name is Tony, i would not bother if i knew the club was like that i will never go again or indeed play any of the groups courses and friends that are members have been informed and are not amused
    My advice is dont bother.


  • RE: RE: RE: golf

    wrote on: Mar 30, 2004

    >>it was fucking easy
    >I assume you shot under par then,
    >hope so as the new course record is 68 set by me which is -2,
    >fucking easy eh!


  • RE: RE: golf

    wrote on: Dec 27, 2003

    >it was fucking easy
    I assume you shot under par then,
    hope so as the new course record is 68 set by me which is -2,
    fucking easy eh!


  • RE: golf

    wrote on: Dec 22, 2003

    it was fucking easy


  • golf

    mike white wrote on: Oct 31, 2003

    excelent but callangeing the bottom 18 holes


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Matt Wilson Hdcp 4 12/01

    Matt Wilson Hdcp 4 wrote on: Nov 30, 2001

    Etchinghill is a quality, winding course which is know ready to challenge the very low handicap golfer. The new 9 adds the qualities of a top course. Having played at courses such as the Belfry, I see great potential in this picturesque course.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Steve Mills Hdcp 12 04/01

    Steve Mills Hdcp 12 wrote on: Mar 31, 2001

    Credit where credit due, Etchinghill serves a purpose. The course has a classic pay and play design.
    This course will not test the average golfer, unless you are prepared to forgo 50% of your usual club handicap. Fantastic greens linked with wide fairways make it a dream to play on. Long drivers have 3 par fours to drive, however the par 3's are all testing 1st timers may struggle with club selection. There is no obvious out of bounds and the two new ponds are the main hazards (though I can't see the relevance to their placing?). On the whole it's a great course for average golfers and a great place to learn the beautiful game.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Henry Law 01/01

    Henry Law wrote on: Dec 31, 2000

    I would have to agree with Sammy White house I am too a member of Etchinghill Golf Club and I find the course straight forward to find your way around the fairways are in great condition and we are very luck to have all 18 holes open at this time of year.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Sammy Whitehouse Hdcp 8 09/00

    Sammy Whitehouse Hdcp 8 wrote on: Aug 31, 2000

    As I am a member and would like to say that as a reply to an e-mail that I recently saw, that the reason their is no card for the new top nine is because it has not been opened long and that their are only about three holes that are blind. The hole signs are clearly labelled and not really confusing! I hope that many people agree with me on this and hope that when the new nine it is less confusing to some. About the course, the original 18 is in good condition and has been made more challenging by the addition of two ponds and the extension of one. Hopefully people will find this course challenging as many do.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Steve Goddard 8/00

    Steve Goddard wrote on: Jul 31, 2000

    I played this course today (23/08/00). There is no course card available just a score card. Due to the undulating nature of this course you have no idea where the greens actually are. This makes it very difficult to play the longer holes. If you play 18 you follow the first 6 then divert to the upper levels of the course to hole 7. However, when you come off of hole 15 you arrive at the 6 green and then play what is numbered 7(as well ) but is actually your 16th. You then have to alternate with nine hole players, much to their annoyance. This means that nine hole players play 1-6 then 15-18. 15-18 are actually numbered 7-9. Very confusing.
    The course is very open with long wide fairways. The fairways have very severe slope from one side to the other as well as in places one end to the other.
    All in all it is an average pay and play course in fairly pleasant surroundings. It is also a lot harder to find than the web site address indicates. You will need to follow the A20 north away from Jnct 12 (M20) and turn right at the next roundabout onto the Etchinghill Road then follow this for about 1mile.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Rory Spiller 02/00

    Rory Spiller wrote on: Jan 31, 2000

    I would like to agree with Mr Henry law in saying that Etchinghill golf club is a great course to play and an enjoyable one also. The ground staff work hard to keep the course open as much as they can without risking damage to the fairways and greens. The fairways are easy to follow and the greens are not hard to spot.


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