Gairloch Golf Club
Gairloch, West Coast IV21 2BQ
Tel : +44 (0) 1445 712407

80 km west of Dingwall in Wester Ross

Course Details

Course Name: Gairloch Holes: 9 Yardage: 2281 SSS: 64

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  • Europe Golf courses reviews Linda Ure 05/01

    Linda Ure wrote on: Apr 30, 2001

    I have played Gairloch Golf Course each time I visit the area. It is a lovely course and when the weather is fine it is a stupendous experience. If you stand on the ninth green and look to the East you see Suilven. At almost every hole you can look out to the sea and the Islands and the Beach is just below you. The day ticket price is great and the people who man the starter office (!) are always happy to chat and find out where you come from. I am looking forward to my next visit to this area. I love it.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Alan Stickle 07/99

    Alan Stickle wrote on: Jun 30, 1999

    A short but interesting little course. It's years since I played it but I seem to remember having to wait for cattle to clear the fairway on one hole. It was very exposed to the wind (of course) and was rich in insect life. It must be one of the most remote courses on the mainland but well worth a visit if you happen to be in the area.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Cam Roylance 11/98

    Cam Roylance wrote on: Oct 31, 1998

    From memory, and it is almost 2 years ago (1196) that we played Gairloch, but here goes. Teeing from the stone clubhouse behind you, the far mountain is framed by the first fairway as it falls away towards the green - 325 yards, to a smallish green, undulating and ringed with medium trouble. The 2nd tee causes you to be careful as you must hit over the first fairway. Not really a problem, it just seems a bit different. The 3rd (hmmm) seems it was back towards the first tee up and a bit down. The 4th is a tricky blind drive over a hill and around to the right, tricky as you have to hit further to the right than you think possible. 5th, par 3 )I think). 6th difficult par 3, narrow opening to a green surrounded by big trouble. Can be hit though, although I didn't on the three times I tried . Don't remember the 7th. The 8th long par 5 from a set back tee, drive to the edge of a medium high cliff Too far and over you go into the abyss edge. 2nd shot long to fairway below, maybe 35 feet lower, maybe more. The green is elevated about 10 feet and ringed by a gentle sloping backdrop. The 9th par 3 but you hit over the 8th fairway, about 40 feet below to an elevated green of about 15 a valley. You must ( well, try at least ) to hit on or slightly over the green . The Club House is seen to the upper left, a church to the centre left, the mountain to the far right and the heather was a sight all around.
    I'll admit to par, bogey, par for the three rounds I played on the 9th hole. The day was breezy and sunny, the colours were terrific and the cost was not what a Canadian would expect. I think 10 L's for the day..not carts, just a great walk.
    Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Cam Roylance 9/98

    Cam Roylance wrote on: Aug 31, 1998

    I played 5 courses in Scotland this past May.. Sconsor, on Isle of Skye, Gairloch , Gairloch, Scotland, Torphins Golf Course, Boat of Garten and Ballater Club.....the first three are great 9 holes very special courses, with the Boat of Garten being a most memorable game...Ballater on Royal Deeside was just wonderful. I post this just to get the attention of those going to Scotland, don't miss the 9 hole courses.....they will be a
    remarkable experience for you.