Guildford Golf Club
High Path Road, Merrow,
Guildford, Surrey GU1 2HL
Tel : +44 (0) 1483 563 941 Fax : +44 (0) 1483 453 228

For an appreciation of Guilford Golf Club, see the course details below and Ian Boyle's comments on the course review page.

3 km east of Guildford on A246

Further Information
Special thanks to Ian Boyle, Junior Member Guildford Golf Club for providing the bulk of information herein.

Course Details

Course Name: Guildford Holes: 18 Yardage: 6090 SSS: 70
Challenging course built on high ground with scenic views of the Surrey countryside. The topology of the course means that wind and slopes predominate which tests one's confidence and ability to read the course. Well positioned bunkers, tiered and sloping greens, elevated tees, some doglegs and trees characterise the course. On the 15th one must play 190 yards over a quarry. Genuinely a good test of golf for golfers of all handicaps.
For an appreciation and independent view of this course please see golfer reviews.

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    hgdgh wrote on: Dec 17, 2003



  • Europe Golf courses reviews Fin Tang 04/02

    Fin Tang wrote on: Mar 31, 2002

    Date played: 12/April/2002
    HCP: 26
    Comments: £35 a steep for that course. Seen better fairways and greens. Members very unfriendly, no smiles or acknowledgements. Also, two couples in front refused to let me through; in the end I missed 4 holes (6-9, hit the ball about 230yrds straight down on the 6th, then waited some 8 minutes before giving up). Another point was that while I was putting for a birdie on the 17th, members would not stop and would continue walking in front of me (managed to hole it anyway). Nice setting though, but nothing special. No one hole made me think about what and how to play. Will not return (I only went because it was highlighted by the AA Golf club guide and I was on the area for a training course).


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Ian Boyle Hcp 25 10/98

    Ian Boyle Hcp 25 wrote on: Sep 30, 1998

    15. PAR 4 416 yards S.I. 9
    The quarry hole! You are required to play over a quarry which is about 190 yards in length. After that, there are some killer trees on the right and if you hit it over there, don't bother looking for it because you either won't find it or have a horrible shot. It is downhill after the quarry so you can chase an iron down to the green which is surprisingly quite flat.
    16. PAR 3 177 yards S.I. 14
    This hole plays longer than 177 yards because it is uphill all the way. Aim at the tree in the left and you should be quite safe. There are a couple of bunkers by the green so the aim is to be careful. The green is another 2-tier and is quite long. You need to be an accurate putter.
    17. PAR 4 398 yards S.I. 5
    We've had alot of complaints from people who have played Guildford that this hole should be stroke index 1 or 2. It certainly is difficult. You play downhill from an elevated tee to quite a wide fairway. You then have to play uphill to a tight 2-tier green and avoid the bunkers. You have to play it to believe it.
    18. PAR 4 341 yards S.I. 15
    Quite an easy way to finish your round. The drive is the most difficult because you play back over the 17th fairway and round to the right slightly, being careful to avoid the trees. You then have out of bounds all down the left and at the back of the green. You can play your second shot to the green and hole out with reasonable ease.