Hainault Forest Golf Club
Romford Road,
Chigwell Row, Essex 1G7 4QW
Tel : +44 (0)20 85002097

Hog Hill, Redbridge

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Public course.

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Course Name: Hainault Forest One Holes: 18 Yardage: 5754 SSS: 66

For an appreciation and independent view of this course please see golfer reviews.

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Course Name: Hainault Forest Two Holes: 18 Yardage: 6600 SSS: 71

For an appreciation and independent view of this course please see golfer reviews.

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  • Hainault Forest G.C. in Essex , England

    John Slatters wrote on: Apr 30, 2009

    The best pay and play courses for a country mile, designed with thought and mature. !00 times better than the flat track 50's and 60;s municipals in the local area. Only downside is that it gets crowded and manners are not always great. Greens are decent considering the traffic but do get rock hard in the summer, no watering I think.
    Play the course, in my mind it is as beautiful as wentworth, just needs money thrown at it and bad mannered people thrown off it.


      • RE: Hainault Forest G.C. in Essex , England

        Geography Police wrote on: Apr 15, 2016

        This golf club is in London, not Essex.
        In the London Borough of Redbridge.


  • course review

    martin lumb wrote on: Oct 22, 2006

    We have played hainault many times in the past but haven't been there for over a year. The course was in very good condition and the greens were fantastic. We can only think that the large increase in price of £24 for a round was to pay for the gimmic of sat nav in the buggies. I walk the course so why should I have to pay for that. We had a tee time booked but there was no starter and there was a golf lesson on the first tee, what was all that about, and they didn't stop when we walked up. Lastly 5 & a 1/2 hours for a round being held up all the way, marshalling is required me thinks. On the whole they are both very good courses they need managing better but at that price we will not return


  • RE: Europe Golf courses reviews Tim Bateman 11/01

    George wrote on: Apr 22, 2006

    This golf course is the best in the area and i have played on many golf course's. Here there are 2 course's the upper course and the lower course. The upper course is the better course givving you lots of oppertunities for pars and birdies. The lower course is long and it has narrower fairways where you could loose lots of golf balls, it also has very DEEP bunkers. This golf centre is so good i am going again this afternoon.
    Well worth a visit.


  • Hainault

    Chris R wrote on: Jan 25, 2006

    Hainault is a lovely golf course, with the option of two courses to choose from (Top or Bottom), top is easier for the beginner because it has 4 par threes and the holes are generally shorter and easier. Whereas the bottom course only hsa 2 par 3s and one of the par 5s is near to 550yards.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Tim Bateman 11/01

    Tim Bateman wrote on: Oct 31, 2001

    The one time I went to Hainault I went with a friend that had been before so he knew both of the courses. I was new to this so I said we might as well do the lower course because the upper looked too hilly. I was dragging my feet at the end as I had lost over 20 balls and got very wet and it took us best part of 5 hours. The best part about the course is the burger bar on the 14th on the lower and the 4th hole or so on the upper. But it was a good experience and I will definitely go again.


      • RE: Europe Golf courses reviews Tim Bateman 11/01

        mike wrote on: Nov 2, 2005

        go away


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Mr Ian Bookless 03/01

    Mr Ian Bookless wrote on: Feb 28, 2001

    I believe this course is the best in the area around Romford. You have the choice of two excellent courses, the bottom and top course.
    The lower course is better for the beginner offering a few birdies in the first few holes and more par threes, but surrounded with DEEP bunkers. One of the holes, you hit into a deep valley to turn a sharp right to find the hole sitting back in the corner of the woods.
    While the top course posses some good challenges with long par fours and fives, it can still be good fun for the beginner.
    The ground staff must have a say in this review, the have done a marvellous job with keeping all the water of the greens and keeping it perfect to play on.
    This is a must course to go on if you like a challenge especially the lower
    >course on those par threes.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Bernard Reynolds 01/01

    Bernard Reynolds wrote on: Dec 31, 2000

    The course is built around a hill, which is the highest point in Essex and has some spectacular views of London with the Millennium Dome framed over the finishing holes. Quite physically demanding with the wind usually a factor with you or against you equally for the inward or outward 9. With wide-open fairways, undemanding rough and few doglegs the course favours the longer hitter. There are some very inviting drives off high level tees.
    The most difficult part of the course are the greens which although easy to hit are always of variable pace, possibly due to the course's exposed position leading to a variability in drying of the higher and lower level greens. The greens are a real test. The final hole, overlooking the clubhouse, takes you from almost the highest point on the course to the lowest with a beautiful view over London as you hit the ball from the tee. This alone is memorable.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Brendon Crowley 05/99

    Brendon Crowley wrote on: Apr 30, 1999

    A very good course with holes on hills, down hills, dog legs, birdie chances at a couple of par 4's and a par 5. One of the better courses in Essex as most seem to be very flat. You need to be good off the tee as this course does not have many fairways that run next to each other so if your off line it's probally the trees for you. Very picturesque for
    being in Essex.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Alan Ellis 11/98

    Alan Ellis wrote on: Oct 31, 1998

    Two courses at this venue. 'Bottom' course much harder that the 'Top'. 'Top' course has more trees than you shake a stick at. Good for high handicappers. 'Bottom' course is a stiffer test and is longer. You should be able to get on any weekday without too much trouble.


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