Huntswood Golf Club
Taplow Common Road,
Burnham, Buckinghamshire SL1 8LS
Tel : +44 (0) 1628 667 144


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Pay and Play Course.

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Course Name: Huntswood Holes: 9 Yardage: SSS:
Very pretty course with a nice clubhouse.
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  • Experience at Huntswood

    Karen Rybak wrote on: Aug 16, 2010

    Had a disapppointing experience with Huntswood this weekend. A member of the club had recommended it to us, so I called up last Monday to arrange a round for my husband. I spoke to a very helpful gentleman called Michael who took all of our details including telephone number and arranged a tee time for 1pm on the Sunday with buggy hire.I then booked a hotel for us so we could stay over the night before as we live approx 90 miles away and thought we would make a weekend of it. We arrived at the club at 12.15 to be greeted by Michael who confirmed our booking for 1pm, that there were 7 people in front of us so we could not get on sooner, and that even though there were no buggies at the moment there would be one available for us when it was our time. This we were more than happy with and proceeded to the clubhouse for a drink in order to wait. Again we were greeted with friendily staff and a lovely atmosphere. At 12.50 my husband got his clubs from the car, and we went back to the pro shop. A different man was there this time and can only be described as extremely rude. He said that he had no idea why we had even been booked in, that it was Captains day and there were in fact 14 people in front of us and we would not be getting on for at least an hour. Even though we explained that we had booked a week ago with Michael, who had confirmed everything less than an hour ago and that we had come a long way to play here, he was not interested. He walked to the pro shop door and stared out onto the course, mumbling that it wouldnt be possible and there was nothing he could do. We just could not believe it, so we left. Maybe we should have dug our heels in a little more and a made a bigger fuss, but that isnt our way. It would have been more professional if they could have called us back at around the time of booking to explain an error had been made, instead of wasting our time and money to go there to find out. A real shame.


      • RE: Experience at Huntswood

        Mrs Chris Lewis wrote on: Aug 18, 2010

        Dear Karen,
        We were sorry to hear of your disappointing experience at Huntswood last Sunday. We are generally known as friendly and welcoming to all, as was your experience with Michael and the rest of our staff. You can be assured that this sort of behaviour is not acceptable and the matter has been addressed. We would like to offer you the chance to experience Huntswood as it should be and if you would like to contact us we will make arrangements for your accommodation and a round of golf with buggy, compliments of Huntswood Golf Club. You may contact us at
        Kind regards
        Mrs Chris Lewis
        Club Administrator
        Huntswood Golf Club


  • Huntswood is now an 18 hole course

    John Lake wrote on: Jan 5, 2010

    The course is now an 5613yd 18 hole course with a recently extended clubhouse.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews C A Lewis Huntswood Member 02/02

    C A Lewis Huntswood Member wrote on: Jan 31, 2002

    Huntswood must be the friendliest Golf Club in the Thames Valley, not stuffy at all. The men's and ladies sections get on famously and the mixed competitions are the most fun. This is the face of how golf will be and must be in the future, open for everyone to play.
    Although it is a pay and play course it has a thriving membership as well and the members are very willing to play with beginners and sign cards for them to get their handicaps. If you don't want to enter competitions this is the course for the casual player who just wants to go out and blow the cobwebs away.
    The clubhouse is pretty and welcoming adding the staff very helpful so even for non-golfers it is well worth visiting. In the summer it is great just to sit out on the patio with a
    cold drink and take in the beautiful view of the course and watch the players coming down the last hole.
    The social side of the club is thriving too, not only do the members often have golfing holidays and weekends away but the clubhouse is a great venue for parties. Weddings, birthdays and christenings etc are often held there and with the hire of clubhouse free it makes having a function there economical.
    So like me why don't you come along and start having a great social life too.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Huntswood Golf

    Huntswood Golf wrote on: Nov 30, 2000

    I had lessons last year from September till June this year and am totally hooked on the sport. The place where I learnt was very friendly but not as friendly and as encouraging as this one. The shop staff are very friendly, amusing and helpful and had a good launch when I asked where the other glove was!!!
    The course is very well maintained and even though it is only 9 holes, to do 18 is just right for a first timer. It is an interesting course with some very demanding obstacles. Some of them have been 6 ducklings, one moor chick, growing up this summer the first example, they caused a huge disturbance as your ball crashes into the lake and they go scuttling off across the water. Then the fish within the lake which must be miniature sharks by the size of the splashes and the size of them when they were sunbathing on the edges. Lastly the rabbits are not at all concerned when the balls go careering around their warrens. The sound of golf balls crashing off the trees on the first tee is also very frustrating as well as amusing especially if it rolls you back onto the green and not past the green.
    Highly recommended is the 10th and 19th hole! There is food served there till 4.00 p.m. and the bar is very pleasant with tables outside and they also cater for business functions, weddings and general social events. My handicap is 27.