Liphook Golf Club
Wheatsheaf Enclosure Liphook Hants, GU30 7EH
Tel : 01428 723271/723785 Fax : 01428 724853


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Course Name: Liphook Holes: 18 Yardage: 0 SSS: 0

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  • Liphook

    Gordon Moor wrote on: Jan 20, 2006

    I recently had the pleasure of playing at Liphook GC for the first time after a friend recommended I do, and what an experience it was. I've never played on greens so good in winter. Most clubs would do well to emulate them in summer! The course is short and some fairways are quite wide but interesting. I feel a few bunkers in places with more heather would make it world class.
    Great value and allround service.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Chris Kinsman 05/01

    Chris Kinsman wrote on: Apr 30, 2001

    I am being trained at the Liphook Golf Club. I enjoy the sport immensely. I am situated reasonably close by to the club and the golf club is an incredible 18-hole course. The practice ground is almost perfectly smooth apart from the slight fluctuation of the left-hand strip of amazingly cut grass - a verdant sea of green. The course is a set of challenging holes punctuated by a brisk walk to the next one. This course has set my dad back into playing after a 15-year break.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Andy Brooks 10/00

    Andy Brooks wrote on: Sep 30, 2000

    I enjoyed a brilliant round of golf this afternoon from an invitation from the professional there. I am a junior playing off of 20 and played the best round of golf I've ever played at the course I've ever played. I played to a slender 14. I've played at 10 courses around surrey in the 1 and a half years that I've been playing and even in the wetter and winter conditions, the greens were still very good and the established feel was very nice.
    I will be going back in the summer and have heard that the greens will be like glass so I'm looking forward to that opportunity


  • Europe Golf courses reviews 5/99

    wrote on: Apr 30, 1999

    I have been a member at Liphook for about 10 years, joining as a junior member. The course is on of the truly challenging heathland courses in this part of the country - ranking alongside Hankley Common, Blackmoor and Hindhead, although I feel that Liphook is the more varied and complete of the four.
    Testing par 3s of various lengths, from the short 3rd (123 yards) to the testing long 1st (210 yards), dramatic and yet natural feeling par fours over rolling countryside filled with dramatic purple heather and carefully placed bunkers, to the three par 5s, all with definite character and varying chances of the elusive birdie!
    To play well, length is not as important as accuracy, but both will help as you thread your way between heather and trees, railway lines and thick unforgiving rough. I thoroughly recommend this course to all. Standing on the 4th tee with Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex laid before you is to visit golfing heaven.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Ian Butcher 5/99

    Ian Butcher wrote on: Apr 30, 1999

    I had the pleasure of playing Liphook last month and I would like to say how enjoyable the mornings golf was. Apart from the wonderful location, England at its best, the course itself gave a wonderful challenge to my friends and myself, our handicaps ranging from 3 to 18, with everyone in the game, and in excellent condition. Looking forward to returning in the heat of summer when the greens are apparently exceptional.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews 02/99 wrote on: Jan 31, 1999

    I am a member at Liphook Golf Club and think that the course is very enjoyable but at the same time also very demanding. Tricky patches of heather add a difficulty to the players choices of club and where to hit the ball.
    I having a handicap of 42 at present but it should be going down as I played a good round yesterday have been a junior member of the club for about six months and have thoroughly enjoyed it so far. There are many competitions throughout the year for both junior and adult members and the course is always well maintained.


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