Lochgilphead Golf Club
Blarbuie Road,
Lochgilphead, Strathclyde PA31 8LD
Tel : +44 (0)1546 602340

2 km north of Lochgilphead by Hospital

Course Details

Course Name: Lochgilphead Holes: 9 Yardage: 4484 SSS: 63

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  • i was wrong

    Mike W wrote on: Jun 14, 2010

    I wrote a review on this course about 2 years ago and said what a good course it is back then i was 11 and just started golf now i am 13 and have better clubs and better scorecards and wow i couldn't have been more wrong this is a extremely bad course. The fairways are to long, the greens to sandy and it is not landscaped at all. I know they are halfway through a job but come on half way up the massive hill of the 3rd there is what seems to be a crater which has been there for months. I would rate this course 1 and a half stars out of 10 which is terrible. If your in the area and are desperate for a game of golf head for ISLE OF SEIL GOLF CLUB which is a fantasticly kept beatiful course sand much cheaper to.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Andrew C Dixon 08/01

    Andrew C Dixon wrote on: Jul 31, 2001

    A challenge this course certainly is not!! The course is short with the greens about as true as Bill Clinton. If you've ever climbed Everest then maybe you have a chance in reaching the ridiculous summit of the third hole, otherwise walk to the clubhouse.
    Ok so its maybe not that bad, as on a good day there is a magnificent population of midges to cheer you up as you traipse slowly round this 9 hole corpse. The very nice gentleman previously mentioned the sixth hole was spectacular, well that's true as for the hackers amongst us its spectacularly good for loosing my brand new Penfold Commandos!!
    All in all, if you've got nothing better to do for a day then yes, walk round this golf course and enjoy the views of wild rough and the added bonus of a well broken in sheep!!
    August 2001


      • Lochgilphead in Strathclyde , Scotland

        Mike W wrote on: Apr 29, 2009

        the comment of andrew dixon is a complete load of rubbish it is a fantastic course right in the middle of a valley with forests surounding the course a magnificent fairway and greens the green keepers and staff are very pleasent and ona sunny day phwooar it will blow your mind away of the sun shining right across the valley :a very challenging course with beutiful surroundings and a fantastic course :APRIL 2009


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Charles Cosgrove, 03/99

    Charles Cosgrove, 03/99 wrote on: Nov 30, 2000

    One of the most challenging and well-kept 9-hole golf courses in the west coast of Scotland. The sixth hole is particularly impressive, with a good tee-shot required from an elevated tee from which a view of most of the golf course is spectacularly visible.
    A cheap and well maintained golf course.