Lothianburn Golf Club
106a Biggar Road,
Edinburgh, Midlothian EH10 7DU
Tel : +44 (0)131 4452206

South of Edinburgh, on A702. Lothianburn exit from Edinburgh by-pass

Course Details

Course Name: Lothianburn Holes: 18 Yardage: 5750 SSS: 68

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  • Lothianburn GC

    Wembley Foxtrot wrote on: May 20, 2009

    What can i say ? Greens are and rumour has it pretty dam good. The course ? well pretty much laughable, up ther with Torphin and Merchants which i unfortunately played during my time in edinburgh - crap !!


      • RE: Lothianburn GC

        David MacCafferty wrote on: Jan 2, 2011

        How on earth can you comment on a course you haven't played? Rumours are greens a pretty good? Course (probably) laughable?
        Get a life and play courses before you comment.


          • RE: RE: Lothianburn GC

            Wembley Foxtrot wrote on: Jan 20, 2011

            I have played it and the greens being good ? its still a rumour! one word to describe the course - GASH !


              • RE: RE: RE: Lothianburn GC

                David Mccafferty wrote on: Apr 3, 2011

                Have just visited my old course for the first time in two years on a visit to edinburgh and the greens are still the best I have ever played. Please note that I am not afraid to sign my name, unlike wembley 'afraid to' foxtrot.


                  • RE: RE: RE: RE: Lothianburn GC

                    Wembley Foxtrot wrote on: Nov 8, 2011

                    Sorry my real name is Lothianburn isshite


                      • RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Lothianburn GC

                        David mccafferty wrote on: Jan 22, 2012

                        your real name is git who is hasn't got the guts to identify himself. I will recognise you however. You will be the one with a yellow streak down your back and probably a 36+ handicap.


                          • RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Lothianburn GC

                            Wembley Foxtrot wrote on: Mar 8, 2012

                            How did you know my Favourite Colour was yellow?


  • Europe Golf courses reviews C H Brown 7/02

    C H Brown wrote on: Jun 30, 2002

    This course tests every shot in the bag. Every hole is different and some are totally unique. The greens were superb when I played and the members reckon they are the best in Edinburgh. From the top of the course you can see right over Edinburgh to Fife and beyond. Very friendly club as well - an excellent golfing experience.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Karen Belcher 04/01

    Karen Belcher wrote on: Mar 31, 2001

    I was in the capital city of Scotland so I took the chance to play a round of golf at Lothianburn. It was described as the Augusta of the north by Renton Laidlaw the well-known sports writer, he had played there in his younger days. The course although not long can test your patience. The first without a bounce to the right and wind bushes with a bunker the length of the green, if you miss to the right with your approach have a nice day. With many up hill and down hill and side hill ally that to a wind that can change at will, will give you problems, like the second and the sixth anything from a 9 iron to a 3 wood and driver. Hit the green at the second give yourself a pat on the back. A formidable par 4 at the third awaits you. Beware the out of bounds in the trees. Their seventh is named 't' wood but not after ' tiger' ( watch this space.) Holes to 10 to 13 a pleasant group of par 4's. On the 14th tee you have wonderful views of the East Coast, this hole was listed in the Lothians best 18. The finishing 4 holes looks relatively simple but beware if you are to finish with par figures.
    On certain days you can play the course to the sound of music, wafting across the fairways from the near by artificial hilled ski-slope. Quite an experience trying to hole a 4-foot par putt at the 14th to hearsay singing pure and simple. As the members say after 18 holes here your score might not be very good but you'll know the top 20.
    Regards the music there's an amusing tale about one of their members but that's another story. Clubhouse and facilities are fine and finally it was a pleasant experience meeting a cross section of the members laugh my sides hurt, what a pity we don't have more clubs like the burn.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews JB Thomson 03/01

    JB Thomson wrote on: Feb 28, 2001

    Lothianburn may not be the longets golf course in the world but the views are second to none. Situated on the Pentland Hills south of Edinburgh when playing the 12th on a clear day it is possible to see the Grampians (that is if you can tear your eyes from the view of Edinburgh to the north and East Lothian to the East.
    As Tommy Armour would no doubt vouch the greens are among the best in the Lothians (if not Scotland and the UK) with a speed to challenge Augusta no less !!.
    For an enjoyable and challenging day's golf you should look no further - trust me.


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