Loughrea Golf Club
Loughrea, Galway
Tel : +353 (0)91 41049

2 km north of Loughrea

Course Details

Course Name: Loughrea Holes: 18 Yardage: 5613 SSS: 68
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  • RE: RE: bjhb

    Noel Kelly Louhgrea Member 29thDec 2010 (16HC) wrote on: Dec 29, 2010

    I just read the opening comment on this (Reader Comments)Reviews.
    I think this person does not know or realise how much voluntary effort went in to achieving a course like we have today. Its not a comment of someone who has put his own efforts behind the fantastic achievements, which most of the members have done in the past 50 years.
    I am a member since 1955 and have seen the club develop from nothing but bushes and stones to what it is today - 18 holes of fantastic golf.
    I congratulate each and everyone of the members since its foundation and I have seen a lot of fantastic members who lead the rest of us to where we are today.
    Maybe if this past member (Loughrea A Joke)had joined in and helped he would not be so critical.
    P.S. I played on several teams for Louhgrea Golf Club with some success and some disappointments, but I have enjoyed every moment of my participation.
    I have not heard of Loughrea A Joke participation.


  • Loughrea is a Joke

    John Carroll wrote on: Jul 11, 2007

    I was a member for years but find it possibly the most frustrating course to play. The greens are the so unresponsive to approach shots its a joke, some won't even hold a well struck 9 iron. And the newer greens are such poor quality its laughable.
    The 10th hole is a disgrace, why you have a raised green, which tilts away from the players, with no way to get the approach close besides bounce it off the side of the hill. Silly.
    And then the 11th, a blind par 3!!?? What was the thinkin behind that i'd like to know.
    This course would need 18 new greens to even be acceptable.
    Much better courses around, avoid at all costs


  • Barry Horgan

    Loughrea Member wrote on: Dec 22, 2005

    Dearest Barry,
    I really and truly home this message was posted by someone else rather than yourself, as I have never heard so much Bullshit in my life, well unless it was coming from your mouth after a few pints, so no more lies Mr Shank
    Loughrea Member


  • My Club

    Barry Horgan wrote on: May 11, 2005

    Loughrea is a fine test of golf, beautiful fairways and immculate greens. The first 6 holes are probably the best test of long iron play but the remaining 12 holes prove just as difficult.
    I myself have been a member of loughrea for years and am a past captain. I see loughrea as "my" course as I have influenced most of the new modifications to the course in recent years. Also I designed the new adjustments to the back 9 holes and subsequently I hold the current course record.
    So please try my course and see for yourself my fine modifications.
    B. Horgan


  • RE: bjhb

    wrote on: Jun 9, 2004

    I apologise for my erudite friend, who has neither the wit nor courtesy to explain what he is talking about. Perhaps the successful completion of a full round of golf might render him better able to describe his experiences. I concur with the other two comments. This is a most pleasant course, laid out by Eddie Hackett, and although short by present day standards, cannot be taken for granted.


  • Review

    Alan Cusack wrote on: May 10, 2004

    I am a Loughrea Ex-Pat and joined the club, when it was a mere 9 holes. I witnessed the development of the new 9 holes several years ago and welcomed their arrival. The new holes which have been added compliment an already testing course. Loughrea is a pleasure to play and I always look forward to playing there.
    The first comment on this page obviously came from a hacker who was treated to the challenge which is Loughrea Golf Club. Well done to everyone in maintaining the feel of the club.


  • RE: bjhb

    wrote on: May 5, 2004

    On the contary,
    I play off a handicap of 4 and find this course a most pleasant playing experience. New adjustments have been made to the course in recent times, making the cousre a lot tougher. To all would be visitors dont read the comment above, read mine, and I am not a member of Loughrea, but a club in Limerick


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