Malkins Bank Golf Club
Sandbach, Cheshire
Tel : +44 (0)1270 765931

3 km south of Sandbach via A534/A533. M6 Junction 17

Further Information
This is a public golf club.

Course Details

Course Name: Malkins Bank Holes: 18 Yardage: 6071 SSS: 69

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  • M.B

    J.Donaldson wrote on: May 23, 2011

    I AGREE, a great course layout for the begginner, played there anumber of years now, stands the wear in winter and summer the course takes shape and a pleasure to play.a great municiple course. my toughest holes were the 2nd, 4th, 8th, 13th and 17th. my only faults are the members thinking they own the place and the clubhouse in poor condition with high prices. but theres a pub down the road, so agood day all round.


  • malkins

    dan . s wrote on: May 23, 2011

    a fantasic course. agreat and challenging lay out.


  • Malkins Bank Golf course

    glyn levis wrote on: Sep 9, 2010

    Learnt to play golf for real on this course. I used to play it most Saturdays with my Dad and brother, years ago (too many to care) early early 90 to mid 90's. Saw it grow over a few years into a pleasent mornings golf. Going back next Thursday for the first time in years, looking forwad to it, especially the 2nd,4th 8th, 10th but especially the 13th.


  • Malkins Bank Golf Course

    Andre wrote on: Jun 26, 2009

    With reference to a previous note on the state of the course and its condition and the condition of the greens it made me laugh at how absurd that statement was and how the elderly think they are gods of the fairways just to correct you all and put it right it was the first time i played on it today (26/06/09) and found it a challenging course and as for it being a rip off £12-50 for 18 holes i can hardly call it a rip off


  • Malkins Bank GC Review

    Dave T wrote on: Jul 16, 2004

    This is quite simply the worst golf course in Cheshire (that i've played on anyway!). The greens are more like browns and are never in decent putting condition. The fairways are in poor condition and are never lush. The price for a round is expensive at best and represent terrible value. The course attracts the worst kind of golfer imaginable (i.e the elderly golf snob who thinks they are god's gift to the sport). Also the entire course is built on a huge sewer/water treatment/septic tank thingy and as a result it stinks to high heaven in the summer months and when it rains the course turns into a turgid mess of effluence!!! Take my word for it, DONT GO TO MALKINS BANK.....EVER!!!!


  • Europe Golf courses reviews P Smith 5/02

    P Smith wrote on: Apr 30, 2002

    Just played this course today (20/04/02) Most of the greens are very bumpy and so very difficult to read. Lots of long flat and long 350 to 450 par fours, but a few absolute killers mixed in.
    1st 340 flat and straight.
    2nd 500 lovely raised tee, hit down to the fairway then straight on to the green
    3rd 140 slightly raised green surrounded by bunkers, short but tee shot must be good
    4th 308 down hill with a right dog leg. brook at driving range, pullup short and iron to green
    5th 170 straightforward big iron to green.
    6th 317 Longer but flat, beware of trees on right
    6th 320 narrow at start but flat all the way
    7th 450 tee shot over brook and then flat all the way too the green
    8th 340 now it gets tricky, its all uphill and the fairway slopes left to right, dont overshoot the green its rough
    9th 350 dog leg to left up hill, it looks easy but can cost you dear
    10th 150 easy down hill iron to green
    11th 340 long and flat
    12th 370 even longer but still flat
    13th 336 best hole on the course, tee shot from high up and fairway is very bad slope from left to right
    14th 124 in the woods, up and over a tree, should be easy, but could end up in disaster
    15th 360 back to long and flat
    16th 346 more of the same
    17th 350 flat and long but green raised after a dip, dont shoot over
    18th 360 gently up hill and slightly to the left, a good hole to finish on


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