Mangotsfield Golf Club
Carsons Rd, Mangotsfield,
Bristol, Avon BS17 3LW
Tel : +44 (0)117 956 5501

9 km northeast of Bristol

Course Details

Course Name: Mangotsfield Holes: 18 Yardage: 5337 SSS: 66

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  • Members

    Alan Miller wrote on: Jun 9, 2014

    I was a founder member at this club and donated £100 to help it being built, and was wondering if any of the old members remember me.
    Myself and Alan Doyle were the first rabbits to win the captain and pro cup, the pro at the time was
    Nick Pook, can't remover the cap's name.
    Anyone remember me please contact.


      • RE: Members

        James wrote on: Jun 8, 2018

        Hi Alan
        When was Mangotsfield founded, I presume before 1975?


  • RE: RE: Europe Golf courses reviews Colin Walker 07/99

    walker wrote on: Dec 13, 2004

    Why give it bad reviews when that is where you started. Anyone who knows anything about golf knows that Mangottsfield is a place for people to start and easily affordable to those less fortunate. Why kick it !!! It serves its purpose and it is ideal even if it is a short cut for some people to bring their handicap down but then there are quite a few places like that.....!!!!!


  • RE: RE: Europe Golf courses reviews Colin Walker 07/99

    Mr McCall wrote on: Sep 3, 2004

    I think Mangotsfield or Shortwood as its locally known is a course thats good for young golfers or people starting out in the game. What do you expect the greens and fairways to be like for thirteen quid a round?....Bay Hill?
    It has some challenging holes, and i agree some poorly laid out holes that serve no purpose, but for people who are trying to get to grips with golf and dont have the confidence to attend a premier course i think its ideal!
    Mr McCall. Bristol


  • RE: Europe Golf courses reviews Colin Walker 07/99

    wrote on: Feb 29, 2004

    true m8 the course is small and shit i know 4 juniors who joined to get their handicap down, i think it is rubbish